Between the Lines - An Allstar Weekend fanfic - Ch. 15





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Uploaded on Jun 25, 2011


Wow. Just... wow. I just kissed Tiffany. I really kissed my best friend and she didn't even stop me... worse she kissed me back! It was amazing. What is wrong with me? I mean i always was secretly in love with her but never told anyone, because all she dreams about is Zach. So, i wanted to forget about my feelings for her. But then again, can you really erase what you feel about someone just like that? I don't think so. I've tried & then this kiss happened, & i just had the urge of kissing her again. After we pulled away, we just stood there looking at each other. "I'm so sorry... Tiffany. I didn't mean to...-" she cut me off "It's okay Cameron, don't be... the truth is that i wanted to kiss you too" Say what???? I must be dreaming! "Really?" i said shocked. "Yes, that's why i didn't pushed you away" Oh my god, did she really said that?! "Well, what do we do know? Do you have any feelings for me?" i said stammering. "I... I don't know. I have no idea of what i'm doing Cameron" i shouldn't be so hopeful, i thought to myself. "We'll figure it out" she added. "Then what do we do now?" i remembered reality now... Zach & the guys... "Well, we can sneak out. We don't have to tell them what's going on" she said. My fantasy just became true. "Ok, that sounds like a good plan" i said smiling at her. I kissed her one last time & we started walking back to the hotel hand in hand. "One more thing Cameron, before we head to the hotel" she said. "Yes?" i said interlacing my fingers with hers. "If they ask you, nothing happened in the park ok?". "Yes, of course" i said smiling at her.

We were standing in front of the hotel. We released our hands still interlaced and walked inside. She pushed the door of our hotel room "Hey, here you are! Where have you been you two?" Michael claimed. Zach was looking at us and glared at me. "I left you guys a note! We ate breakfast and talked like two best friends" i said calmly. "Well, you talked a lot for two best friends. It's been four hours!" Zach launched. "I'm sorry i didn't know there's was a time limit for two best friends. And by the way i don't owe you any explanations!" i shouted. "Wow. wow. Calm down buddy. Chill you guys" Michael said. Totally something coming from him. "He started, ok. I didn't" i said letting go. We're heading to Philadelphia tonight, we're playing a show there tomorrow. So, you guys better get ready to leave in a hour" Michael said. Since when does he care about anything? i thought to myself.

We left the hotel and headed to the van. Tiffany and I kept our distance. We didn't want anyone to be suspicious about anything. Once we arrived to the new hotel in Philadelphia, Hailey booked two rooms at her name. Tiffany told her she wanted to share the room with Nathan, her & Dillon for once. Hailey agreed. So i found myself sharing a room with Zach & Michael again, joy. Stephanie and Richard booked theselves their own & we headed to our rooms.

We were getting ready to bed. I told the guys i wanted to sleep in the bed alone, so they could share the other bed together. I got under the covers and heard my phone ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket and had received a text from Tiffany. I checked it out and it said ~ Hi baby, i miss you already. I didn't want to be in the same room as you cuz i don't think i can control myself~ i smiled at the reading of that message, this is the first time she ever called me baby. I answered ~Hi, beautiful, i miss you too. I understand don't you worry babe. I just wish i could feel the warmth of your body here with me~. "What makes you smile so much?" Michael asked getting out of the bathroom. "Nothing, just my sis sent me a funny text". "What does it say?". "Nothing, damn get over it!". "Okay, okay... calm down. Wow..." he said getting into bed next to Zach. From then on, we texted all night til 1:00 am in the morning.


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