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Uploaded on Feb 6, 2011

Lyrics -

I got motion sensors and a silenced galil
I'm workin every corner like ya moms for real
ghost is my first perk slight of hand pro
I'm the main reason this game is so slow

I don't need to snipe I can rock a gillie suit
I'm camping out the time I don't even need to move
hiding in the corner I don't even need to shoot
I'm playing like a bitch cuz I know I'm gonna lose

I don't need to win only worried about KD
I'm a kill whore objective you can't make me
you think its boring but I do this shit daily
if I try to rush everybodies gonna rape me

revenge all you want, I'm still here
I'll lose every match while I tremble in fear
not waiting on him I'm waiting on you
waiting on a noob, but don't call me chris smoove

shooting down choppers with a strela on my back
You know where I'm at, second story on crash
sitting in a corner and you're rushing to attack
you get near my spawn, I will head glitch your ass

I'm off radar, but I use a Counter Spy Plane
tell the minimap, get the fuck outta my game
never switch it up, this is how I play
even if the spawn flips, I'm here to say

I'm not gonna move, I'm not gonna lose
stop trying to have fun, you could do it too
competetive gameplay, padding my stats
horrible win loss but my KD is stacked

your KD is flat, it's stuck under one
I'm telling you again, it's not about fun
die in this game, you'll die in real life
don't believe me? I've seen it with my eyes

everybodies camping in the new map pack
this is how I like it, it's quiet like that
listen to the rain on the roofs of kowloon
if someone rushes me, claymore! kaboom!

even if they shoot me, I got second chance
someone revive me, I got the last laugh
I'm overpowered, it's not just the perk
lightweight sucks, flak jackets just a shirt

I can pick up other guns, scavenger's useless
shoot an extra noob? hardlines for new kids
sleight of hand's beast, warlord is great
scout pro is weak, steady aim is gay

hardened only works, maybe half of the time
marathons a joke, ninja pro is just fine
tact mask and hacker, I find weak
second chance and ghost, overpowered like me

ghost camping is a habit every motherfuckin lobby
ghost camping is a habit every other fuckin match
ghost camping is a habit every motherfuckin black ops
ghost camping is a habit every fucking call of duty


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