Diablo 3 Hardcore Barbarian - Iron Man & No shield project - Part 1





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Published on Jun 6, 2012

First of all I apologize for the clicking you hear in this video, I didn't realise my microphone sounds was recording ;)

Diablo 3 is nothing like Diablo 2 in the long term, but because I love the barbarian I have set an impossible goal to keep this playing long term at my own pace (at least that is the plan). So I want to play a hardcore barbarian without a shield, probably mostly with a two-hander. It's obvious you need a shield to get pretty far, but I just want to try how far I can get without a shield.
Also I will be playing some kind of "iron man challenge" style, as in : only use gear you find or craft, not buying anything from the Auction House. I allow myself to sell though.

Concerning my build I'm not really sure what it will be for the most time, but Seismic Slam will not be in it, if I wanted to do lots of kiting I would play a ranged class, I want to smash things in the face ;)
War cry will be mandatory, Leap (Iron Impact) is one of my favorite skills so that one will be in as well. I love the Furious Charge (mericless assault) too but I'm not sure that will have a spot in hardcore, I might need 2 get away skill though and it scales great with two-handers. Revenge (Provocation) will be mandatory as well. I want to use devastating skills that are based on weapon damage (because of two-handers), but I'm not sure if I'll get earthquake in especially in Hell. Wrath of the Berserker will be used when it becomes harder as it is basically also an escape skill. But we will see how it evolves.

I will basically put all footage here, just so you guys can check if I'm not cheating to my own rules concerning shields and buying from the auction house ;)
Highlights will be linked at the end of this description.

I will only be playing solo, use no fast leveling bypass or whatever, just play the way it is ment to be.

Part 1 :

Level 1 - 12 (played on 4th of June 2012)

It is my very first Hardcore character so I have nothing, no gold, no gear, no stash slots, everything starts from scratch, which is the interesting part. I'll also see how far I come with the iron man challenge. I know this game is build around the Auction House sadly enough, so it will be almost impossible to get the right gear. I will sell on it, to fund my crafting when it's really needed. I'm not making a second hardcore char to play on to farm gold, I just made one mule to be sure my stash and gold isn't gone when I die and to store some extra stuff.

The character is named after my girlfriend, and yes it will die at some point, I'm not a pro, so I added a number after the name ;)

As a barbarian you start with one-hander and a shield, so that will be the only time I wore a shield. As soon I found some two-hander or 2 one-handers that was the last time you will see me wear a shield (per character I have to start again :p). I try to keep gold/mf gear when it's outdated so I have that for my new reincarnation when I die. Later I will also keep all second best gear in a spot from like level 40 or something, as everything besides the very start of the game (act 1 and especially 2) should be pretty easy.

I farmed a bit until I was level 10 to do the Skeleton King. I probably try to be like 1-2 levels higher than the suggested level for every sub-boss, but I will not overdo it, it has to be fun in the first place.

At the skeleton king I forgot to swap Cleave with Bash and the Hammer for Rend, I'd probably would have been in less trouble that way. I will have to be more careful in the future :p
Besides that I didn't have any real near-death experiences.

Skeleton King : 1:31:15
Drowned Temple : 2:16:00
Wortham fight : 2:19:50
Spider Queen : 2:31:30


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