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Published on Apr 15, 2012

First, I would like to thank you those who expressed your interest in the baby monkey video.
I know many of you want to know how the baby monkey is doing. To be honest, I do not know exactly what happened.

I actually asked one of the zookeepers how the baby monkey is and the zookeeper said that he was being treated for the injury caused by other monkeys. After a few days when I asked again another zoonkeeper said the baby monkey died because he was ill and so weak not because of the attack by other monkeys.

However, I wanted to double check and asked the zoo again. Now I am waiting for their reply - hopefully a good news. As soon as I hear from them I will let you know.

The uploaded videos are most dramatic ones amongst the films I shot. I am now trying to rearrange them in time sequence, as they happen with date. It will help you to understand the relation between the mother monkey and the baby and the mother monkey's strange behaviours.

Apologies for not answering all your comment. If I hear about the monkeys, I will upload here.

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The baby is clearly hungry and I believe the mom is distressed from wanting to get away from all the males attacking her constantly for sex! Seems like she's caught between a rock and a hard spot! She's not a bad mom her conditions and lack of milk is causing her to give up! She tried on several attempts to protect her baby also the mother after giving birth should be put in anther cage to nurse properly and care for her young the males are just behaving like all male monkeys I believe there distressed as well and naturally jealous of the young! This zoo is deplorable and the employees should all be put under arrest and fined for such in humane conditions for those poor animals!
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Trina Feliciano
So many things wrong in this video. This is not natural animal behavior. This is behavior brought on because of being locked up in a small cage with too many animals and being watched constantly by noisy humans, with no place to hide. Such conditions bring about all sorts of deviant behaviors. Bored encaged animals often eat their own feces because they are so bored. In the wild the ratio would be 1 male to 4 or more females. If there is more than 1 male in a unit, only 1 male is allowed to be reproductive. Here, we see several males trying to mate with the female monkey and trying to establish dominance among each other. I don't know how this little baby monkey would survive? Even the mother has lost her natural affection for her little one. It's sickening that people do this to animals...and that people go to such places for entertainment.
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to all those saying the money is a horrible mother. what's wrong with u, there is nothing natural about their living conditions. look at her hair loss, they aren't eating right. these monkeys spend most of their time in trees. instead they are on wet cement, and most of the time gazing outside at the lone tree. think how horrible that must be. when a monkey gives birth, in the wild, she has ample room to get away from the others. her instinct tells her to get up high and in the branches. instead she has nothing to stimulate her mind. sitting on wet cement. she can't walk like a human and cradle her baby. babies that are strong, hold on. this one is weak. the rough handling doesn't hurt the healthy baby. monkeys can tell their baby is sick but they don't have the reasoning to do something, like cradle the baby, nor do they have the ability to do so. she gazes at her baby with devotion but she is in a prison without soft leaves and dirt for the baby to land in when she has to relive the males stress from being captive as well. sex is all they have and it keeps then from being violent and killing each other. considering the horrid conditions of this cage, do you think the ppl running it would actually provide better care to the baby? They would probably just cook it as a specialty in the zoos cafeteria. "molested primate in white sauce, pre- marinated" give the poor monkeys a damn tree u cheap bastards
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janet curtis
Stop supporting zoos.its no grass no love just unhappiness
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Casondra Irvin
the female monkey was obviously in heat. she and the baby obviously should not have bern in the cage with all those males. very poor management on the zoo's part.
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Tina McKnight
humans are the worst animals on this planet
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This is extremely fucked up. Why didn't a keeper intervene?
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Summer Destynie
I'm so sad watching this video. I wish I can help unlock this stupid prison and release all these monkeys and treat the mother and her baby! F**king horrible sick and evil people with no compassion towards another living creature. This is in NO way a zoo, its prison for animals and for their entertainment to see animals suffer!!! My heart is breaking 💔 as an animal lover ❤
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Charlene Williams
I really hope whoever recorded this filed a complaint, so wrong. starting with the damn cage.
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Bad parent + Retarded baby monkey = Death
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