THE PLEIADIANS - Our Allies Against the REPTILIANS (Part 2 of 2)





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Published on Jul 26, 2011



What is happening on Earth is just the tip of the iceberg. The Reptilians have created chaos across the Galaxy and other ET races have been trying to stop them. These "Good" ET races refer to themselves as "THE ALLIANCE".

The Alliance is primarily lead by an ET race called "THE PLEIADIANS".

This Galactic War is pretty much over now and the Reptilians all but defeated. Earth has been the key the victory. Many Pleiadians volunteered to come to Earth and incarnate as Earth humans in order to free humanity and end the war with the Reptilians. If your watching this video then you are one of them.

The Astral dimension (4th density) is where most of the "action" has taken place and where the majority of this galatic war took place. So even though from our perspective here on Earth in 3D, not much seems to have changed but the Reptilians have all but been defeated and very soon Humanity will free and the Galaxy and entire universe will celebrate



The Pleiadians with Barbara Marciniak
Barbara Marciniak trance channels a collective of multi-dimensional beings from the Pleiades. Includes newsletter sample, books, recordings, and schedule.

The Truth about the Pleiadians
Learn the truth about the Pleiadians and the mystery behind their story. UFO pictures, alien pictures and Pleiadian information.


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Saroj Salins
This video literally spoke to me and made me cry, because I got a part of my answer and my search will continue as I strive to work towards my purpose
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William Ortiz
+LackadaisicalE The joke is on me? Please, waisting my time on this "nonsense" means that I can get out the problems of this world from head. How am I supposed to help the world when our own "government" does not let us do it because they think that what their doing is right and realize that we discovering the truth! The world is burning because of us humans, who some of them prefer to live in the streets or in the woods instead of a house that is not even for them until they have some stupid papers?. You may think pleadians is part of the imagination, but that imagination might happen in our reality. Its like a form of prediction.
+CMC1996 I understand that this is wayy beyond and above your cerebral capacity, but I will still, in the vain hope you will some day develop actual intelligence, explain my presence. We are many people on this planet who, for various reasons, hope to some day meet an ET. Some believe we have already been visited, some even think there is an old alliance between some or all governments and one or more alien species. Others, who are less clueless, simply hope they are here, observing us, or do not think they have been here yet, but just hope that one day we will meet ETs. The smartest among us are the most sceptical. The debunkers are the true UFO fans, because we do not just accept crackpot stories by assholes like Billy Meier, we are looking for THE REAL DEAL. That ofcourse is why we are here, we are looking for new stories, clues, proofs..but when we do not find them, it is our responsibility to call out the fakers so that other less sceptical and scientifically minded people, are not cheated by the cheaters. Perhaps you are slowly understanding why we are here now. Perhaps you never will. Perhaps you are simply too young, too green, too uneducated and inexperienced. I honestly fear you are just too dumb to understand. But I may be wrong ofcourse. It does happen that I am wrong..although rarely. Very rarely.  
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Aled James
8:59 onwards was amazing! Damn i'm loving all this stuff. Got so many goosebumps while watching this. Only 17 right now but i'm excited to see how things unfold later on. Hopefully in my lifetime we get to meet the Pleiadians. Is no one else interested in seeing what these Reptillians look like? 
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u know something Anon dude, these plaedians, lyrans , greys etc will remain in alternative media for decades, and they'll never be seriously covered by mainstream media. Says who? Says Victor Rothschild (my man!)
Anonymously Anonymous
+Aled James No. They're ugly and they scared me. Better give it a shot at the Pleiadians, they look like supermodels so, yeah. 
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Sarah Yasue
I wish I know who I am...If I'm some type of "advanced being", then fine. But if I, in the end, am no more than an average human, then hear my words, Pleiadians or whoever ET race is fighting out there as the Alliance to save this beautiful planet: I hereby VOLUNTEER in this fight...
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Sarah Yasue
+cheesedie Yes! That's exactly what I believe! I always try to simplify things even though it's not as easy when dealing with such intense knowledge. lol Besides, I'm not even interested in being complex and contemporary, because I don't (and can't) even understand anything contemporary or things that are too hard to understand. lol And also, the way I see it is that subjects such as religions and science and other subjects always seems to be getting many people to overlook the simplest things in life. It's true that we all wanted the real truth, but if you don't keep the simple things in life with you, then there's going to be trouble and would definitely make you lost if not astray. More like the Yin-Yang, symbolically. You can't have the intense and cruel knowledge and truths without having the good and simple things in life. (unless if you're able to simplify the hard and scary truths to make them understandable and not so scary to begin with) It's hard to explain tough. See? :) Anyway, hats down from me to you. ^^ And it's okay, I love talking to new people. And yes, I don't impose anything on people either, especially when it involves religions, because I know for certain in my heart that it's not going to get us anywhere at all. Trust me, I've seen many people imposing their beliefs on others and even went through them sometimes at some point.
+Sarah Yasue its irrelevant if the context isnt true. alot is lost in translation between humans themselves never mind the potential for miscommunication across species and even dimensions. the fundamental underlying message is transient of everything. to emit love, (metaphorically or physically - once again, irrelevant differences) is the ultimate message of these videos. anything spiritual, fundamental religious principles, genuine human nature (when acting as a responsible, and truly mature being) is the advance, at whatever speed is comfortable for the individual, towards positivity. following your internal compass in contrast to following externally imposed guidelines to life is imperative. my last sentence almost contradicts what im trying to say, but know this, im not trying to impose, i am merely trying to give you that confidence to follow your own voice, and give you that free, infinite and warm lovely feel that you are not alone, and never will be, ever. simple facts, if the context scares you, disheartens you, pushes you away, then simplify it. you dont have to believe/understand/repeat all this intense 'knowledge', thats not the point. to live life as the true you, is, and in doing so you become a psychological/metaphorical/spiritual light to those around you, all by simply existing as you are supposed to do. 
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That moment when all the pieces began to connect.
Paradoxical Enigma
Man, if nothing else, I love reading the comments in videos like this. There are such a variety of stances, personalities, beliefs, and whatnot that it gives a broad view on public perception and some times so much more. So; if for no other reason than that...interesting. What sucks is that we have to attack each other and can't use the same basic manners that school tried to instill. And it does really suck to view the bickering, war, judgement of us to one another. Imagine how awesome it'd be if everyone felt like family? Idk...I'm a flower child, so what? 
Angelina Thompson
i don't know why but i think i actually believe this shit, maybe!
Angelina Thompson
+Dusty dayton WA & Canada sometimes.
Lady Dyxea
Thank You for this very interesting information.  I thought your videos were awesome.  I saw part 1 and 2, and I am so proud to be Pleiadian, and to have such a wonderful galactic family.  Years back I thought this was hell, and I was going to heaven to live in peace and harmony.  But now I see the truth, and every day, I give thanks to my brothers and sisters, who have been in this war all this time, for Us, Gaia, and the Universe.  The evil was every where, that's so sad, and for what?  I know why, but it's just a figure of speech.  Thank Mother Goodness it's over, and We can reunite again, as One Family of the Light of Prime Creator, Source.  We are going back home to... Peace, Love, Light, Unity and Abundance.  I love You all... Amen...<3
Grebmah Semaj
HUMAN= Higher Universal Man
What I have recently learned via a well respected Vedic scholar and teacher is that, the Reptilians are actually demon or asuras and the Pleidians are actually devas or angelic beings.   They have been discussed in the Ancient Vedic scriptures of INdia.
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mikael kenner
namastay :) INdia yep! vedic... of course :)  the question to ask... how did i know about you and Je Genesha? :) posted a couple of fotos on my g+
Can you send me some stuff to read in my yahoo mail? it's sandrarose1111@yahoo.com  I would appreciate it soooo much. Thank you. Sandra
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Shanti Baku
My Pleiadian family. I like that. Thanks <3
Mango Mouth
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