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Published on Jun 15, 2012

Full story at http://bit.ly/MQLmBV. Don't miss The Daily and fxguide's exclusive look at the making of the opening scene of Prometheus. Find out how the Digital wizards at WETA created the incredible disintegration of the Engineer as his DNA unwinds and he falls into the waterfall of primordial Earth.

Video by Scott Broock and fxguide

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now if only they paid this much attention to the script....
Kunal Gautam
Only a dumbhead with little to no imagination ,and people who just like to get spoonfed with movies like avengers and avatar would say this movie was bad... it was like inception and intersteller.You have to figure shit out to understand the whole picture.
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It's there, yes. But the reason that most of the stuff happens is because the crew are a bunch of idiots, and no symbolism or layered storytelling can change that now : /
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I dont see any relevance to alien anatomy declared on title..
Ray Murphy
And then the movie sucked.
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Truth And Justice
Haha you hating on the movie for multiple comments and saying "the script was awful, period" means absolutely nothing when you can't mention anything that you actually disliked in the film. Stop seeking for attention
Gabriel OT
+Ray Murphy Man... i'm so agree with you... i was so excited to see that movie... but again, like ever... one by one dead movie... i mean, it was like a "final destination: prometheus" so desapointing.
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Andrew Heard
The movie was fine. Can't believe the morons hating on Prometheus The funny thing is is that I bet their opinion on this movie wasn't even structured from their own but from some other pleb on youtube hating and ranting about this movie. The only criticisms people give are subjective opinions or pathetic nitpicks. Half of which can be explained anyway.
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Jesse Davis
Greatest Scifi movie ever made from the greatest scifi director in the history of human cinema. You people don't realize the movies like this Terminator, The Thing, Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Alien itself will live on and be enjoyed for at least a 100 years or more. Immortalized works of art.
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Matthew Clark
God! finally someone speaking some sense! concurred sir!
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Manu Bravo
DNA looking like a macro structure, when it should be more like atoms? Nice try.
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it is a macromolecule, but if you got this close to it, you would be seeing individual atoms, for example the bases Anedene/ Guanine etc are clearly visible here, and they are made of under 30 atoms, which would be pretty visible on this scale? EDIT: Obviously I don't blame the creators of this film for this, we have no idea what an atom looks like, and we won't for a while as visible light or even electron beams don't operate at a wavelength small enough to reveal any "patterns" you'd find on an atom. even if we somehow figured out a way of distinguishing individual parts of atoms... you guys heard of quantum mechanics... it's kind of not like normal science.. at all 😂
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Theist God
an atheist friend of mine said he didn't want to see the movie when it came out because it instigated thoughts of a "creator", something which he is allergic to it seems. talk about close mindedness...
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Tim Besse
I'm just too high to read these comments.
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Officially MDR
good FX, horrible movie
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Officially MDR
+ErikRicardoLC ha, really? Awesome name? thanks man...:)
Awesome name, inaccurate opinion.
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DNA.. you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
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