To[get][her] a princeton and ray ray love story rated r chapter 16 pt 3





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Published on Mar 26, 2012

chapter 16 pt 3
[with the guys after the meet and greet on the tour bus]
Prod: *laughing* alecia is hilarious
Roc: *laughing* I know she was trying so hard not to laugh
Ray: *laughing *. I know we all were , she looked like she was genuinely your biggest fan ! that girl should be an actress! Did I tell you when I asked kassandra what her name was she said lisa!
Roc: lisa? *laughs* she doesn't even look like a lisa!
Prod: those girls are crazy!
Ray: and the girl she was with froze
Roc: she froze?
Ray: couldn't even tell me her name bro, I was surprised kass was even with her
Prod: why?
Prod: why?
Ray: it was the same girl she cussed at in the auditorium
Prod: nah, I heard that too, I was like damn, kassi goes HARD for ray.
Ray: it wasn't even like that, kassandra was just tired of her yelling in her ears.
Roc: nahh bro, kassi's feeling you.
Ray: you don't know that
Prod: well, I heard tall was spoonin' at her crib
Roc: yeah, and leci is feeling me, I think, and Bri is DEFF feeling Princeton, so she HAD to be feeling you!
Ray: that doesn't mean anything
Roc: well what about that thing in the driveway?
Ray: guys, kassi could just be the flirtatious type.
Ray: there was not that much tongue nigga slow your roll.
Prod: whatever, you lucky prince ain't here to back us up
Roc: where is he anyways?
Prod: in the back sulkin' like a motherfucker
Ray: and ya'll just gon' let him sulk by himself?
Roc: nigga I ain't no doctor phill!
Ray: yall niggas is sorry *gets up, walks towards the bunks and find Princeton staring at the celing, blasting NIRVANA& prince * hits his shoulders*
Prince: *takes out his earbuds* what's good bro?
Ray: I'm straignt, what's good with you bro?
Prince: nothi- (gco)
Ray: nigga I aint oprah, I'm not gonna beg you to tell me what happen so tell me so I can give you some damn advice
Prince: damnn, you saw bri leave the audituourim and you saw her give me the cold shoulder at the meet and greet, so why are you asking nigga, skip to the advice.
Ray: NIGGA ARE YOU DUMB? Just wait till 3 and CALL HER! *mumbles while walking out*actin' like this it's a big deal, I mean damn man grow a pair..
[at lunch]
Kas: *laughing* then why did you nod?
Ivona: I couldn't do anything else! *laughs*
Kassi: but now it's spelt wrong on you poster
Ivona: yeah, it's I-V-O-N-A
Bri: *laughs* I can't believe you froze*
Mellissa: right? Mrs. Tough as nails, she thought I was gonna faint.
Kianna: I thought alecia was gonna have an ANARISM when she saw prod.
Kassi& bri: *bust out laughing*
Leci: *laughs* what... he's just so delicious.
K&b: *shoots each other the 'no she didn't look*
Bri:*laughs* you betta stop before asia kills you
Ivona: who's asia?
Kasi: umm...*clicks her nails* shes me and bri's cousin... she LOVES prodigy.
Leci: yeahh *looks relieved*
Kas: I want another soda *points to the empty one she has* come with me to get one bri?
Bri: sure
*the girls get up and walk towards the machines*
Kas: what were you thinking?
Bri: I wasn't , my b
Kas: you could've gotten prod in trouble.
Bri: I know.
Kass: *reaches machine* give me a dollar *holds out hand*
Bri: fine, * reaches in her pockets, grabs a dollar and slaps it in kass hands.*
Kassi: thank you kindly *smiles, buys adrink and the girls return to the spot they were sitting in*
*bri and kass sits down*
Ivona: so kassandra.
Kassi: kassi is fine, Ivona.
Ivona: vona's fine kassi.
Leci: oh thank god! Please guys ,call me Leci?
Mellisa: call me lissa?
Kianna: call me kiki
Bri: call me the greatest ever/
Kass: alright bri.
Vona: thank god we got that out the way. Only adults call me by my full name, and ray.
Kassi: *clicks her nails * dude, he thinks my name is lisa
Kiki: how come you make that sound with your nails
Kassi: *still clicking her nails* I don't know, I think it's jusy a force of habit.
Lissa: oh, cuz I noticed that too.
*the girls continue talking about nicknames and bad habbits until a woman from administrations approached the group*
Woman: kassandra?
Kassi: yo.yo
Woman: can you please come with me?
Kassi: do I have a choice?
Woman: you always have a choice in what you do, just not in the consequence.
kassI; *grabs her stuff* I like your style *stands up* lets go.
Woman: *half smiles and walks out of the quod and towards the administration hall*
Kassi: *follows*
Woman: *reaches the hall and stops at the wend farest from the double doors* here we are *points to the doors* go in there
Kassi: you're not gonna follow me in there and take "advantage" of me... are you *smiles*
Woman: *tries not to laugh* just go in the office * walks away*
Kassi: *walks in the office and sits down* you wanted me?
The man in the chair: yes I do *turns around*

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