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  1. Shocking Misogynist Attacks Feminism, Defends Rape Culture

  2. On conspiracy theorists

  3. MGTOW Dating

  4. Elliott Rodger: Don't end up like him Do the self work and fix yourself

  5. The Truth About Elliot Rodger

  6. Ask Wendy: I Want Another Baby!

  7. Boko Haram: Save our boys

  8. Not All Women Are Like That! Estrogen Based Parasites Criticism - Rebutted!

  9. Male Purpose and the Ensuing Void

  10. Schlafly on hypergamy

  11. You've Been "Mozilla'ed!"

  12. Avoiding Cohabitation and the Potential Risk of Common Law Marriage

  13. Audio Interview: Aaron Clarey talks 'Bachelor Pad Economics'

  14. False Rape Accusations Are Real

  15. Estrogen Based Parasites #killallmen

  16. Going Mental: Abusive Women, Smart Men, Bad Choices

  17. Be Yourself | The Story of Your Life

  18. My Video

  19. MANstream Media Monthly Promo (please mirror)

  20. Farewell Fathers, Hello Sorrow and Rage

  21. On Toxic Women and Stupid Men

  22. On white sprinters and female CEOs

  23. Firing Line - Thomas Sowell w/ William F. Buckley Jr. (1981)

  24. Divorce Corp Film Trailer (Documentary)

  25. Jason Patric Custody Battle and Fight for Father's Rights

  26. No Excuses for Female Evil!

  27. Texas Lawyer Describes How Women Can Use Child Support To Get Rich! MUST SEE!

  28. Tom Leykis Blows Up Feminism, Radio and Relationships

  29. Sticks and stones may break my bones...

  30. How Culture Precedes Politics

  31. Androdgynism Founded

  32. 1984 vs. 2013: Why Privacy Matters

  33. Fire, Feminism and Facebook

  34. The Vagueness of Equality

  35. Quick Rant - The solution to sexism In video games!

  36. I Need Feminism Because... MANSPLAINED 3

  37. Modern Male Identity

  38. Sowell - The Myth of Proportional Racial and Gender Distribution

  39. Rage Against the Machine: Killing In the Name on BBC Radio 5 Live

  40. Richard Dawkins on Post Modernism Invading Science

  41. Female Supremacy


  43. Milton Friedman - Case Against Equal Pay for Equal Work

  44. The Post-feminism Man

  45. How the Patriarchy Opresses Women

  46. Circumcision, Divorce and Male Disposability - Paul Elam on Freedomain Radio

  47. The Duke Lacrosse False Rape Case / Misandry in Education

  48. Feminism = First World Problems [TRIGGER WARNING]

  49. Feminism is Society's Critical Mass

  50. Thomas Sowell Dismantles Feminism and Racialism in under 5 Minutes

  51. Bill Burr - Meryl Streep And Reverse Sexism

  52. Traditionalism and feminism, the great gynocentrisms of our time

  53. Bill Burr - Unjust Divorces

  54. Paternalism and the Patriarchy are dead. Send flowers.

  55. Baby Mamas and the elephant in the room

  56. answering questions and addressing concerns...


  58. Five Flawed Feminist Frustrations

  59. We're Not A Hate Movement

  60. Dear FHP Trooper Watts: You Go, Sister.

  61. 47: Misandry - Intimacy

  62. Stop blaming mass murder on masculinity

  63. 34: Equality - The Glass Ceiling

  64. 22 Facts About Young Men

  65. Honeybadger Files 002: Erin Pizzey

  66. Tumblr Feminists

  67. Some Men Are Part of the Problem

  68. My Dating Nightmares Part Deux

  69. More on Divorce in China among other Things

  70. Reproductive Rights

  71. Oz Loads a Gun for Angry Women

  72. Girl's night out with Pasha and Tasha

  73. Even women are standing up to the hypocrisy of feminism

  74. Why women divorce good men

  75. This is What a Corrupt Judge Looks Like

  76. Huge Group Of Girls

  77. Re: TheAmazingAtheist makes me sick

  78. Why aren't we doing more?

  79. The Dishonorable Lori B Jackson

  80. Too smart to be programmed ?? Think again.....

  81. Open Letter to Delaware State Police, and State Attorney General's Office

  82. Lying to Get Pregnant

  83. Cabbie Sues Over Sexual Assault Lie

  84. The Male Pill: a Paradigm Shift

  85. Never Hit a Woman

  86. AVfM-Radio Rant: let's rescue sociopaths

  87. MEN JUST FIX IT !!!!

  88. What's wrong with the world today ??????

  89. In Memory of Memorial Day

  90. Obama and the wage gap myth

  91. S.A.T.F (Same As The Feminist's) meme... Just More NAWALT Deflection

  92. Targeting sons for daughters

  93. Are Men Stupid?

  94. MRA+ ? no thanks...

  95. John Stossel - Men and Women 2

  96. John Stossel - Men and Women

  97. Message to Non-Feminist Women - Part 2

  98. Famous Sperm-Donor Jacked for Child Support?

  99. [Private Video]

  100. Strip Searches OK'ed for Minor Offenses...

  101. Male Victims of Domestic Violence - The Hidden Story

  102. Are You Man Enough?

  103. Putting MRAs in the Wood Chipper

  104. FEMINIST FAIL: Pwnage

  105. Porn and Disrespect for Women

  106. Hypnotised by evil music part 2

  107. Hypnotised by evil music part 1

  108. What Men Know that Women Don't - "The World of Woman" - Rich Zubaty & Sue Hindmarsh -Feminism

  109. Downloadable Hate

  110. The Effects of Feminism on MEN

  111. What is committment?

  112. FEMINIST FAIL: Pwnage 2

  113. Gender is bumming me out

  114. NAFALT!!!!1!!1!

  115. Where did all the good men go?

  116. Eddie Murphy - RAW - Marriage

  117. Have Women Ever Been Oppressed in the United States?

  118. United States of Prison

  119. Message to Subscribers

  120. Improving Self Esteem

  121. How to Tell if He Hates Your Fucking Guts

  122. Time for Men to Abort Fatherhood at Will

  123. Princess Miserable and the Great American Bitch Machine

  124. Your Feelings and Why They Don't Matter

  125. Jamiroquai - When You Gonna Learn (live)