"Pakistan Is The Next Big Target" -- Former Pakistani Intel Director, Hamid Gul, on Alex Jones





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Published on May 7, 2011

Pakistan is the next big target here, either for a color revolution, or for another invasion. The color revolution seems, to me, to be the most likely course here (although it will no doubt be followed by heavy NATO policing of the country). The idea is to shred Pakistan and break it into 3 or 4 parts, no doubt, but it's easier to do it over time, through soft power means, using the Iranians as allies in the diplomatic and commercial spheres. That would be in accordance with the doctrine that was laid out by Brzezinski and Robert Gates, in their 2004 paper, "Iran: Time for a New Approach" (published by the CFR).
So, I don't really share Jones' concerns for the beginning of a full-scale world war (and, as is evident, I hope to be right in that). But the danger of a false-flag, possibly with nukes, is VERY self-evident. With the so-called death of the actor Osama, they need to recreate some monster, perhaps in the figure of Osama's number two, Al-Zawahiri.
The mass campaign of destabilization being waged all across North Africa and the Middle East has its most recent parallel in the wave of chaos that was unleashed on Black Africa back in the 1970s. The keywords here are divide and rule, create chaos to impose a new order of things. Use any means whatsoever to shred the sovereign nation-state. Then, balkanize the population to keep them squabbling with each other, safe in the knowledge that natural resources are yours to take, and human resources will be cheap and desperate. Ship in 'hard power' mercenaries to protect the production hubs, but also 'soft power' specialists (i.e., the NGOs) to manage the misery, and facilitate the population's adaptation to a wonderful lifestyle of communal 'simplicity', famine, destitution.

This age-old formula is the one being applied for completely remaking the Islamist world, as expressed in the combined Brzezinski/Bernard Lewis/PNAC doctrine.

The first big step was to create what Zbigniew Brzezinski called an "imperial mobilization" into the region, to establish a permanent international military presence -- this was accomplished with the Iraq and Afghanistan(-Pakistan) wars. At the same time, as Brzezinski said, in The Grand Chessboard (1997), imperial mobilization would come hand in hand with the installment of a police state structure in the west.

The next stage would be, as it is now, to shred the region, bit by bit, nation by nation. Various client regimes (such as Mubarak's was) also have to go, in that they have an established national structure and, therefore, are not yet ready for open balkanization and plunder, under international management. In these cases, the favored method is the soft power coup, the color revolution, using NGO networks, local radicals and army factions. The end result, the singing tomorrows of all this, will of course be Congo-like tribalized wastelands; and extremely pliable, military-dominated governments, like the ones now in place in Egypt and Tunisia.

North Africa will become a protectorate of the European superstate, Europe's Mexico: a source of easy revenue, cheap workers and plenty of panic migrations, border conflict, armed gangs, Mediterranean piracy.
The Middle East itself will be, as stated in various white papers (ex., Brzezinski & Gates, Iran: Time For A New Approach, CFR, 2004), divided between two internationally-managed blocs: one Sunni and the other Shiia, centered on Turkey and Iran, respectively. A dialectical process of controlled conflict will eventually result in the creation of a general Middle Eastern Union, which is projected to be a trade corridor between the expanded blocs of the EU and ASEAN. The people being used as pawns in this Grand Game, to bring this process along, shouldn't be mistaken: the only thing they'll get out of this is a nonstop dynamic of conflict and destitution. Their former nations will have been turned into deculturalized wastelands, to be managed by global agencies, policed by international forces. Everything of value will have been taken over by international financiers: oil wells, pipelines, the Suez Canal, the Ormuz infrastructures, and so on.

We're already well into this, which is to be just another chapter in the poorly understood process that is globalization: i.e. the hostile takeover of the world, by a handful of finance oligarchs, using international agencies as their enforcers, and various forms of destabilization, as well as gradualism, as methods of choice. In this process, the nation-state is slowly dissolved under various pressures, to allow for the rise of technocratic regional blocs who, in turn, respond to privatized global governance agencies.

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