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Published on Mar 28, 2012

Call Of Duty MW3 Team Death Match Resistance, my 2nd video game play.

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I'm back again struggling to make double digits kills and assists. Man, I need help. Hey, I need help. I really suck at Call of Duty MW3 Multi-player Team Death Match and need some hints and tips in the comments box. I have been playing multi-player Team Death Match for a while and can't seem to get into the double digit kills. So if you are the ones that consistently get 15, 20, 30 kills, leave your comments on how you do this.

Any tips, hints and how to setup and how to use the perks, weapon classes and kill streaks would be great.

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Here is some great information from Dave Cook at NowGamer.com
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multi-player Survival Guide by Dave Cook

Our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multi-player guide is packed full of MW3 tips and tricks to help you stay alive

Modern Warfare 3's multi-player is fast, brutal and comes with a steep learning curve. So we decided to give you plenty of tips that will help you dominate online, and level up fast. Follow these tips, and you'll see a significant improvement.

Stop running everywhere

So many Modern Warfare 3 players get killed because they run everywhere without considering the consequences. The worst thing you can do is run around a corner or into a building with no knowledge of who is lying in wait for you.

Taking the time to stop your sprint and walk around corners and inside buildings will give you a second or two to properly survey the landscape and see if enemies are waiting to spring an ambush.

Keep your sights up

Coming the above tip with this one and you will extend your life expectancy dramatically. Stop your sprint before approaching a corner and raise your weapon as you walk slowly.

Chances are someone on the opposing team is blindly sprinting towards the same corner, and you will kill them purely because you had your weapon up first. In the time it takes them to raise their gun and fire back, they'll already be dead.

Don't camp

Campers might seem like the salt of the earth but if you're smart you'll learn how to outflank and kill them easily. When camping, you really do risk attacks from behind.

While you're too busy watching the map from your camping spot, your attackers are finding out the best way to take you down with extreme prejudice form the sides or from behind. Plus you'll be hated.

Never aim from the same spot

If you find yourself locked in an exchange with a particular enemy, the worst thing you can do is poke your head out to aim, retreat, and then poke your head out from the exact same spot. You will die most of the time doing this.

Instead, go prone and edge out, or walk around the cover you were behind to get a new angle on your attacker. While they're waiting for you to poke your head out again, you have plenty of time to flank them.

Never reload in the open

You are at your most vulnerable when you're reloading. You can't do anything once you hit reload, so it's possibly the worst thing you can do in the middle of a fight.

It's wise to reload every time you know you have a spare second, and most importantly, when you're behind cover. There's nothing worse than running out of bullets when going face to face with an enemy who has a full clip. It's wise to reload when you're down to a quarter clip of bullets.

Cook grenades

Never, ever just throw a grenade with a full timer. This gives your target far too much time to notice the grenade on their HUD and escape before it detonates. Holding it for just a second longer will increase your chances.

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Any tips, tricks and hints on how to improve my score in Team Death Match Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3 would be appreciated. Just leave any suggestions below in the comments area.

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