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Published on May 3, 2018

In the first part of Tribunal Life we ​​got Alpaslan Dikmen, who is the legendary name of the Galatasaray grandstands and the founders of the ultrAslan. The life story of Alpaslan Dikmen, the first general coordinator of ultrAslan ...

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He was on his way to spend the Bayram holiday in Antalya with his family. On September 27, we left our car with a traffic accident on the road to Bursa dear Alpaslan Ağabey. Kahpe September. He took many brothers and sisters as well as our brothers ...

The most influential supporters of Galatasaray were the founders of ultrAslan and the first general coordinator Alpaslan Ağabey came to the world in Ankara on December 20, 1965 as the first child of the Dikmen family. Dikmen, who met football at a very young age, Galatasaray loved by his father Orhan Dikmen who is a dark Galatasaray. Galatasaray and Sami Yen, who had a good outcome with Derwall in the '80s, came together with the Galatasaray supporter who filled the box with the click, and the young Alpaslan in the championship after 14 years took his place on the tributary in Dikmen. And during these periods Galatasaray was frequently mentioned in Europe by his name Alpaslan In Dikmen, almost every match of Galatasaray was watched statue. Alpaslan was a life philosophy for Dikmen, and he made unique sharing with friendships he established in the 90s. And with his identity as a leader, he became a respectable person not only in Galatasaray stands but also in other fans.

In the middle of the 90s, he also worked as a columnist and photojournalist in some newspapers Alpaslan Ağabey. But Galatasaray's love of his career was included in his career. Alpaslan Dikmen was in the field edge with his camera in the cup final match played with Arsenal in 2000 and could not hold his tears.

In 2001, approximately 60 people were founded with ultrasonic waves and the first general coordinator was Alpaslan Ağabey. Ultraslan is the first formation in which fans are gathered under a single roof. We can say that Alpaslan Ağabey is the corner stone of ultrAslan. He has always been successful with his social responsibility projects and the help he has done. On their way to the disposal, 30-40 people on the premises paid their meals from their own pocket. They would get tickets from their own pocket if they did not have a ticket. We did great work for Galatasaray tribunes. Galatasaray is a great love and Galatasaraylı'nda had a great respect Alpaslan'a brother. Alpaslan Ağabey, who says "We take a stone for Galatasaray and put it in a distance of 1 meter," played a very important role in the development of the Ultraslan.

More work to do is Alpaslan Ağabey. But life took her earlier than we did. Kahpe lost her life in a traffic accident she had with her family on September 27th. Death plagued the entire Galatasaray camel. Thousands of people could not hold their tears. The funeral prayers on September 28th were attended by politicians, sports people and tribune people. Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Trabzonspor and other supporters of the teams also participated.

UltrAslan UNI formation transfers the names of the Alpaslan Ağabey to the generations of the parents by giving them the name of the library they have built in the village schools they have made as a social responsibility project.


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