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Published on Jan 12, 2012

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Made out alive is a full feature independent film, made in Austin Texas. We shot this film for under 3 thousand dollars! The story follows a few friends that find themselves in the middle of an evacuated bio hazard zone. Soon forced with the reality that the area they are in has become overrun with zombie like infected people. The characters are forced to make choices that leave some dead and help some survive. Enjoy this free zombie movie!
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A film maker of the future. Bloody well done sir! Carry on.
Rae Cooper
Wow, there just is no etiquette on the internet, is there? People say things they would never have the guts to say in person - kinda sad really. So I politely decline to agree with you Norrin Radd, although you have the right to your opinion, as rude as it may be, and I'm calling you out, in fact I'm calling all of you rude sorry excuses for human beings, out  - let's see you do better assholes - said with the utmost of respect and old fashioned etiquette of course, because that's the way I roll mother-f**kers!!!
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Rae Cooper
kenneth risner I'm a hetro female, fucking idiot!
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Thank you for using real firearms. So tired of people using B.B. guns in their shorts. Also thank you for the respectful and simple use of prayer. It was a good touch to the bathroom scene. For a "no budget movie" this was very good. Far better than Sci-Fi channel films. I wish you all the best with your future films, and thank you for sharing your talent.
Ray Goshay
+termsofresistance It WAS refreshing to watch characters of faith who weren't fanatics or losing their faith. It was also refreshing watching non-believers NOT belittling people of faith.
Bernie Goetz
I honestly thought it was pretty good for a super low budget movie.  And I'm a pretty hard critic.
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Norrin Radd
meh...that's the opposite of Hem...bwwaaawww
+Norrin Radd I never said that the movie was good. It was terrible. And also your comments make you sound like a moron. Just letting you know.
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Morgan Winstanley
pretty good movie.
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Home Town Honey
Morgan Winstanley I thought it was pretty good for a zombie movie as well.. I'm sure "someone" will have something to say about my opinion as well.. Cause apparently there's only one opinion that matters here..
Nisar Ahmed
Morgan Winstanley hello
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Overall, taking into consideration budget, this movie was very good - job well done in shaping characters, providing tension, and it is much better than any of the latest George A. Romero movie releases by far. I was pleasantly satiated for my thirst for Zombie-genre; the last eerie scene of the city decimated and/or still amidst the war of survival with what must be like a martial law type scenario, with the biggest contingencies of military capabilities the last hope for humanity - I would think especially the Navy/AirForce - major carriers off land and fighter jet (air advantages), & the remainder of the ground forces and especially Navy Seals/Marines/Black-Ops Forces etc. It could make a compelling and great part 2... but for city, major U.S. army scenes, & other major big budget necessities. I would think it would be scary-sick awesome good if you guys were given a large budget - I have no doubt that you'd perhaps produce one of better Zombie/infected flicks of our time given the right amount of money, sponsored or movie deal or whatever it takes, I'd have full confidence given the insight into this enjoyable low-budget film. P.S. Almost a plot-ruined when that dumb bitch shoots the guy because he shot her miserable alcoholic know-it-all, arrogant boyfriend; but because her boyfriend needed to be taken care of undeniably! She knew her boyfriend had to kill his own parents for godsakes! Yet Stacy could not understand the necessary decision made behind closed doors in that washroom knowing wholly that it was the only option at that moment? To kill someone who had to kill their own bloody parents yet she ran out of empathy & comprehension at that point for some dumb 'sentimental' reason that is now probably obsolete. Stacy was the weakest, most reviled character after that point, & that she lasted even a few more minutes afterwards did not help the movie's likability at all - thankfully she got hers, but still a very confusing, infuriating character to have in the movie - & that is my only critical complaint. Otherwise, as I said, great job, & keep movie making! Just no more Stacy like characters please - she added an unhealthy ire, in my unequivocal opinion! But that's done with, the movie survived in spite of that bitter scene, and I give it 4 out 5 easily! : )
Hello from Russia\Samara Gahan2Vox - are you allways so talkative? That is probably becouse you have planty of time and no girlfriend to have sex with.. Мне понравилась ваша писанина-нашёл несколько новых слов незнакомых,вы наверное умный?Уж точно умнее других?В оксфорде учились или где? хи-хи-ха!!!
Eddy Dio
Well made but Zombies don't run so I don't like that. In the Walking Dead they don't run. So I stick to George Romero's Formula and even he said Zombies shouldn't run..
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Ron Delby
I agree but the acting was superb and natural. Maybe these zombies have not set in rigamortis yet.
Just Me
I like em going gump...creepier
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i thought it was pretty damn good to be honest, the story was good and the way the zombies ran fast gave it a nice twist.i think they did a great job on the movie
these zombie killers are so stupidly played out, the guy on the run cannot find a weapon with littery thousands of sticks, metals ect laying around. when he finely kills a zombie with a long sharp pointed stick he immediately gets smart and throws his only weapon down  and runs
+otherworldtrader1 My knee jerk reaction was the same as yours. But if you think about it they are still in panic mode, only being a couple day's in to it. And apparently don't have our endless hours of watching zombie flicks under their belts :-) So they are just starting to learn what needs to be done.
John Fugazzi
+otherworldtrader1 Overall it was a decent attempt, but that part threw me as well. Except for a couple guns, nobody seemed to try to find a hand held weapon of any type, which would be the first thing anyone would do. When Mike threw the steel rod away after just killing an "infected" with it it made no sense.
Apple May Ng
The camera moves too much it gives me headache 😓
Jeff Pablico
I agree with you,after watching this my head is hurt....duhh!!!
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