The day you hoped would never come | Julian/Sarah (OTH/Chuck)





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Published on Apr 23, 2010

Song: Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap
Clips Used: One Tree Hill, Chuck, Definitely, Maybe, My Sisters Keeper, I Love You Too, The Russell Girl, No Reservation
Editing program: iMovie '09

Maya ask's Julian to tell her the story of how he and her mother met. Jamie walks in and wonders the same thing. Maya doesn't understand how it can have a happy ending because their mom is sick. Maya gets upset and Jamie yells at Julian. Flashback 9 years to when Julian met their mother, Sarah. You see how they met, fell in love, got married, and found out Sarah has AML, cancer. In Present time Jamie is looking a picture of him and Sarah, and ask's Julian to take him to see his mom, in the hospital but Maya doesn't want to go. Maya is still in a bad mood, she doesn't want her mom to die, and Julian doesn't know what to do. Julian tells Maya that he loves her but all she wants is her mom. Julian and Jamie go back to see Sarah. Julian doesn't know what to do cause he is basically a single dad, while Jamie just really doesn't want Sarah to die. Maya finally decides to the hospital and tells her mom that she's going to be fine but Sarah know's its not true. The last think Jamie wants is to lose his mom or dad. Sarah doctor walks in and tells Sarah that its the end and she doesn't have much longer. Julian is drinking so Jamie can tell she is going to die. At the funeral everyone is sad, than Jamie thinks he see's his mom and try holding her hand but she fades away. Maya thinks she see's her mom at the park but its just a memory. Julian tells Maya the happy ending, its her and her brother. While Julian is talking to Maya Jamie is spying from the stairs and Julian is hugging Maya and Jamie runs down to hug him too. Julian says its all going to be ok.

So I am SO SO SO SO in love with Julian/Sarah they are my favorite AU couple. You can just tell that Austin/Yvonne would have AMAZING chemistry. THEY NEED to do a show or movie together.
Diana: I really don't know how to put into words how much you have helped over the (OMG) like 4 YEARS we have known each other, there are definitely some problems I never would have gotten through and some happy times I was so glad you were in my life for. Plus you were THE huge supporter of WLL and Julian/Sarah were a part of that so I thought u'd like this. Thank you so much, Your amazing, and I hope you feel better after your tooth pulling.

Laura: You have been AMAZING through all my boy drama and you are always there for me and I wish I could do more than just dedicate a video to you but I hope you like it, love you and I hope you like it.
"I think you should tell me the story of you and my mom. This mystery love story, I need to know"
"Its just a story and this one has a happy ending"
"How does it have a happy ending. My mom she's dying. What the happy in that"
"I hate you"
"Like a real date"
"Sometimes, you get lucky"
"You look beautiful today"
"I love you"
"Maybe its time we write our own epic love story"
"I Love you"
"Its AML, Acute myeloid Leukemia. We have to move fast this type of cancer is very aggressive"
"Your the girl that I love with all my heart, and I'm the boy that going to be with you forever"
"Jamie, would you open the door please"
"Will you take me to see my mom"
"I have a surprise for you"
"You know I love you"
"I just want my mom"
"I don't want you to die"
"Hi mom"
"You'll be alright"
"Not always"
"What am I going to do when your gone"
"The one thing in the world I never want to lose is you or daddy"
"Everybody's got to go visiting hours are over"
"So how am I doing"
"I'm sorry Sarah this is it. We're at the end"
"How long"
"Not to long"
"She's going to de now isn't she"
"My mom died that night. I wish I could say she made some miracle recovery but she didn't, she just stopped breathing. And I wish I could tell you that some good came out of it, or even that her life had some special meaning. That they named a park after her, or a street, but none of that happened. She's just gone. A little piece of blue sky now, and we all have to move on"
"I forgot to tell you the happy ending"
"What is it"
"Its all going to be ok"
"I'll never understand why my mom had to die and we all got to live but I'm sure one day I'll see her again"


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