Chemistry Music Video 30: Organic Reactions





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Published on Oct 18, 2009

This FINAL chemistry music video describes the organic reactions you need to know for the New York State Regents exam. Want more detail? Take a college O. Chem course. After four years, I'm DONE making chemistry songs! :)


Organic-type reactions are really very slow
Covalent bonds are difficult to break, hey, don't you know
You've got to be quite patient for your products to finally form
And make sure that your reaction doesn't get too warm
Or else it might combust, in other words might burn
To see my reaction up in smoke can make my stomach churn

Organic reactions, organic reactions
Covalent bonds are breaking, rearranging, new bonds making
Organic reactions, organic reactions
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow, which one it is I sure don't know

Hydrocarbons unsaturated have got a double bond
Adding diatomic chlorine is like waving a wand
The double bond will break and the chlorines they will ADD
If there is no double bond, then substitution's what you have
A chlorine replaces hydrogen, usually at the end
But you can get some isomers on which the name depends

Organic reactions, organic reactions
Substitution and addition can fill product's prescription
Organic reactions, organic reactions
Substitution and addition, halogenation is the mission

Combustion is when compounds burn up when there's oxygen
To produce carbon dioxide and water vapor then
Fermentation is when yeast eats sugar, digests it and then pees
Out ethanol and CO2, does it anaerobically
Saponification's making soap from a fat and a strong base
Glycerol is also made, now go and wash your face!

Organic reactions, organic reactions
Combustion sets the world on fire, fermentation makes it drunk
Organic reactions, organic reactions
Saponification makes soap from fat, I never woulda thunk

Esterification makes an ester out of acid and alcohol
H and OH are removed, making water after all
Etherification makes ether by dehydrating two alcohols
Dehydration synthesis is what both reactions there are called
Polymers are molecules in chains, making plastics and rubber balls
Polymerization reactions are what can make them all!

Organic reactions, organic reactions
Dehydration synthesis makes ethers and esters without a mess
Organic reactions, organic reactions
Polymers are made in chains, now go forth and use your brains!

All diagrams, lyrics and music copyright 2009, Mark Rosengarten


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