I'm Haunted because Herc Could Be The One Angel of Darkness & Jim is HOT with No Parade





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Uploaded on Jul 17, 2010

HAHAHAHA! Title sucks and alot of firsts in this one! ENJOY!

Video #1: Haunted MEP for MMDS
Song: "Haunted" by Evanescence
Type of MEP: Heroine/Villain
Footage: Road to El Dorado and Hunchback of Notre Dame
Pairing: Chel/Frollo
Studio: Mystical Miracle Dreams Studios
Notes- Ok, so this is my first time using ED. I recently got it on my computer so I can use it in my vides now. YAY! Well, I wanted to try my hand at using Chel in a MEP, though I don't really like her that much. And yes, I chose Frollo again! He's awesome! I don't know why I like him, I just do! Accept it! *sigh* I did my best to make this pairing work. Fail? And once again, you are on your own with figuring out what's going on here. I made this one in the wee hours so I don't know what my mind was thinking.

Video #2: He could be the one MEP for DSFG
Song: "He could be the one" by Miley Cyrus
Type of MEP: Crossover couples
Footage: The Little Mermaid and Hercules
Pairing: Ariel/Hercules
Studio: Disney Star Fan Group
Notes- Hmm, started this one last week actually, but wasn't inspired to finish it until now. I think these two are just so adorable and I love them together! I think they work perfectly for this song{though I hate Miley Cyrus} Well, nothing much to say here, other than I LOVE IT!

Video #3: Angel of Darkness MEP for MMDS
Song: "Angel of Darkness" by Alex C. feat. Yasmin K.
Type of MEP: Heroine/Villain
Footage: The Secret of NIMH
Pairing: Mrs. Brisby/Jenner
Studio: Mystical Miracle Dreams Studios
Notes- OMG!I love this one so much! I'm so proud of it! I love how it looks and I had so much fun making it. So this wasn't the original pairing I chose for this MEP, but I decided to change because I have been wanting to vid with this movie ever since I watched it a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen it for like...atleast 10 years...I remember watching it as a kid alot, but you appreciate things from your youth more when you get older. So I changed my pairing to Mrs. Brisby and Jenner. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this movie, but I love it and I hope to vid more with it. I'm the only one in this MEP that used a canon paring and an animal pairing, so I'm sure to stick out. First time using this movie, as well as an animal pairing..YAY! My favorite in this bunch!

Video #4: My Best Friend's Hot MEP Hosted by EarthsAngel767
Song: "My Best Friend's Hot" by The Dollyrots
Type of MEP: Crossover
Footage: Quest for Camelot and Treasure Planet
Pairing: Kayley/Jim{LOVE these two now!}
Notes- YAY! I finally got to do a video with this song. I found this MEP a few weeks ago and I decided to join, only I wasn't sure on who to use. Since I've gotten a bunch more movies on my computer now I decided to try out using Camelot, and pairing Kayley with Jim. I really love these two now and I really want to do more parts with Camelot. Kayley and Jim are an awesome pairing, possibly my new OTP! I love Kayley, she's awesome! Ok, anyways...the story here is that Kayley and Jim are best friends, but Kayley sort of has a thing for Jim, but she feels embarrassed because she and Jim are just friends. But Jim is kind of a jerk to her, and they both put up with each other's crap because they like each other. The end! A close second favorite!

Video #5: No Parade MEP for LGDS
Song: "No Parade" by Jordin Sparks
Type of MEP: Family/Friendship
Footage: Thumbelina and Hercules
Pairing: Thumbelina/Hercules{as siblings}
Studio: Let Go Disney Studios
Notes- I think this is the quickest MEP part I have ever done. I made it in like an hour. It's nothing special, but I like it. Ok, so in this one we were supposed to have one character mourning over the death of another character. I chose Thumbelina and Hercules as sister and brother{the orange hair and blue eyes}. Ok, so the story is so obvious here so I'm not even going to bother with explaining it and take up letter space. Enjoy! And Herc's death is so weak on my part...hahahahha


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