Faker Akali vs Apdo Lulu, Korean Challenger





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Published on Feb 14, 2014

The current king of Korean solo queue takes on the best player in the world. Apdo, the #1 challenger in Korea on his main(Dopa), has a new challenger smurf(Dopa0) with an absurd 50-9 record going into this game. Faker, after a few weeks off, is quickly climbing with a 68% win rate. Here they duke it out in the mid lane with Akali vs Lulu. Subscribe for more Korean VODs & commentaries: http://bit.ly/IolvW3

Runes & Masteries:
Faker: http://i.imgur.com/MQWPAGG.png | http://i.imgur.com/LjMR5kf.png
Apdo: http://i.imgur.com/zztX4yu.png | http://i.imgur.com/DycUjrv.png

Full player names:
Zyra: IM BBuing (LG IM #2)
Aatrox: 제동빠
Pantheon: Miss Eileen
Lulu: Dopa0 (Apdo)
Caitlyn: IM Violet (LG IM #2)

Sivir: Jin Air BoRoona
Renekton: 정글노바
Akali: SKT T1 Faker
Thresh: 도인비
Vi: Sylph Arius

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