Jemi Story Ep. 4 Part 3





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Published on Jun 6, 2010

***With the boys***

"Wow, i can't believe that was Demi," Joe said softly, he shut his mouth quickly when Nick nudged him to be quiet when their fans swarmed them.
"Yea, i know lets get inside and talk to the principle." Kevin mumbled he had a tight grib on Dani's waist and they forced their way through the packed school and ran to the office.
"Do you realize you guys have caused a riot?" Mr. Jakes the principle demanded but he was smiling at them and shut the door locking it to prevent interuptions.
"yeah, sorry about that." Kevin smiled sheepishly as they sat down facing the older man.
"Now, may I ask why we are honored with your presence?" Mr. Jakes asked leaning back in his chair watching him.
"well we used to live here, and we came back to visit a very special friend." Nick smiled at him and pulled out the picture he still had of him his brothers and demi.
"Ahhh, Miss Demi Lovato she's a sweetheart going through a rough time right now but she's a trooper." Mr. Jakes smiled as he saw the picture and handed it back noticing the confused looks on their faces.
"What do you mean a rough patch?" Joe asked a worried look in his eyes.
"Well, thats for her to tell you." with that Mr. Jakes left the room leaving strict orders not to leave until lunch time.

***With Demi in Free Period***

"Omj i still can't believe that the Jonas Brothers are here." Chelsea squealed as she sat with her friends at a table across from Demi.
"I can't believe it either." Demi said softly to herself her eyes wondering to the picture she had in her hand (The same picture as Nick)
"Since the Brothers are here now we can prove what a liar Demi is about knowing them, did you see that they didn't even acknowledge her." Taylor giggled they all looked at Demi and smirked. eyes filled with triumph.
"I can't wait for lunch." Demi smiled to herself, when the bell went off she grabbed her bag and darted down the hall to her locker.
"Hey girl!" Miles grinned throwing her arm around her shoulder.
"Hey, how was class?" Demi asked giving her a side hug as she put her stuff away.
"Ugh, it was alright where's Sel its lunch she never is late for lunch," They grinned at each other squealing as Sel slammed into them laughing.
"Whoops sorry, but i'm late for lunch that can't happen." Sel grinned and then ran to the cafeteria.
"Woww," Demi giggled she looked at Miles and they ran after, when they reached the cafeteria their jaws dropped, it was soo crowded. When they got through they found Sel sitting at a table in the middle of the room and smiled.

*** With the Brothers and Dani***

"Guys I'm so excited to meet Demi!" Dani smiled excited as the principle finally let them out and escorted them to towards the cafeteria.
"You'll love her she's an angel." Kevin smiled as he thought of when they were younger.
"Yeah, i can't wait to finally hug her again." Joe smiled broadly they looked at him smirking and he blushed a little.
"I can't wait to see her either, maybe she will introduce me to her friend." Nick sighed dreamily thinking of the taller black haired girl.

***In The Cafeteria.***

"OMJ here they come!!!" Some random girl screamed and they all started yelling "JONAS JONAS."
"Look what you guys caused!" Mr. Jakes laughed and grabbed a megaphone. "EVERYONE QUIET!" everyone got really quiet, the moved aside as Kevin walked towards Demi.

Demi smiled shyly and looked over at Miles and Sel who were smiling at her and nodding their heads. She took a deep breath and saw Chelsea and the others watching her closely, she winked at them and then ran to him throwing herself into his arms. Kevin laughed and held onto her tightly her arms were around his neck her head on his shoulder. Kevin spun her around before setting her down and kissing her head, Nick came up to her and smiled widely, Demi grinned and hugged him tightly kissing his cheek before turning to Joe and smiling shyly.

"Hey Demikens!" He grinned down at her, she giggled at the nickname and threw her arms around his waist pressing her face into his chest, Joe wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head holding her gently against him.
"Eh hm." Dani caughed laughing a little, Joe reluctantly pulled back and turned to her.
"You must be Danielle, its a pleasure to meet you." Demi smiled and surprised Dani by hugging her tightly. "You guys are perfect for each other."
"Thanks Demi, your so sweet." Dani smiled hugging her back they all stood in circle Joe's arm around her waist while Kevin and Nick watched her protectively. They had seen the looks that a few blondes and some others were giving her (Chelsea and Taylor).

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