Dad returns from Iraq to surprise daughter!





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Published on Feb 16, 2011

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This is clearly a messege to the male kids inside that class :) if you break my daughters heart , remember, im a soldier.
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Your size and skill as a sumo wrestler would prove to be no impediment to a trained, skilled and experienced warrior. Yours is a non-lethal sport. Theirs is no sport and always lethal. Keep deluding yourself.
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Allison Silva
My dad left when I was 4 years old. He never came back. So I asked my mom when I was 7 if I had a dad. She burst into tears and I never knew why until last year on Veteran's day. I couldn't believe my dad died while stationed in Germany. I never knew him much but all I know is that he was the best dad any person could ever want. Listen. You staring through the screen. I want you to know, my dad died because of you. Yes you. He died protecting you. Yes you. So don't EVER AND I MEAN EVER, make fun of a person for crying. You don't know them. I cried every day for 2 straights years. Literally. I would cry myself to sleep knowing my daddy wasn't going to be here anymore. So you, pray this war goes away and nobody else has to die. ~Lance Michael Silva 5/28/02 I will always miss you daddy. :.(
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Nark ALmosawy
Allison Silva he was killed or 😪
Marcell Davis
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Nikki Davis
What are you doing mom get out of here omfg 😂
Carina Caliari
+HannahPlaysRoblox same! 😂😂
Little MarieAnn
that whould be me.
Uta isthehotest
literally all those boys turned around
selena emmunel
it was funny
Paskalia Sisca
+Lele Romance lol ikr
حنظلة حنظلة
After killing iraqian chlidren.
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Zico Sultan
I'm from iraq
ron b
+‫القط بيش بيش‬‎ To bad you were not one of them.
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I would tap that.
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Laggin54x I wanna tap you too!
Aiden Dormain
+Laggin54x do that and her father will hunt you down!
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Sean Cooke
So, uh..... Is she 18?
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Classic LXV
jdubb408 the feds care
who cares shes frickin hot
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Bob Bobson
It's very cute. But he could be dead. For nothing. Soldiers are not heroes, they are victims. Don't fall for this propaganda.
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Mafer Garcia
This video is very touching but I'm agree with you.
Bob Bobson
+Hayden Field I'm speechless. Are you trolling ? Do you think communists are anti-military people ? Have you ever heard of north Korea ?
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Carina Caliari
I hope my dad gets into my class room someday... But I know he is in al better place!! 🙏🙏🙏
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Soisen TheGuardian
All the anti-war and anti-American bullshit need to stop. The only reason why we went to Iraq was to get Al Queda to stop attack us. They hated Saddam because he killed many of their forces in the First Gulf War and nearly killed Bin Laden in the process. Since Bin Laden blamed us for not killing Saddam the first time. He ordered 9/11 to happen and was going to have murdered even more Americans if we didn't go to war against Saddam. Once we defeated Saddam, Al Queda and their allies began to attack us to take control of Iraq for themselves. In process they murdered hundreds of thousands of people to weaken the country and try to drive the West out and it work because now we have ISIS. The murderers and rapists who are killing innocent people in both Iraq and syria as we speak. With all of Islam being cowards by doing nothing to stop them.
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Nana Mohsen
General Bullet
+stoffni do you realize the dictatorship was supported by us right? You can see how was that territory before we arrived. We also supported the guerrillas, which then turned into terrorists. It's a simple tactic, let them destroy themselves, let us have all we please. Not gonna judge, the smartest one wins
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