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Published on Jul 2, 2012

The Sins Pay Per View Performance is Back!!!! Watch it alone cuddled up on your couch or throw a viewing party -- or both! From August 5th - 11th, you will be able to watch our 2009 performance 24 hours a day in your own home, your school, the café -- wherever you can get an internet connection! Between August 5th -- 11th, just click
Sandie: Are you into arts that would inspire and enrich your view about the world and human differences? Do you want to know how artists with disabilities, artists of color, queer artists, and artists who are all of the above, explore their beauty and sexiness through art? Are you waiting for something that would revitalize your body and soul? If you answer YES YES YES YES... to any of the questions above, you would definitely fall in love with Sins Invalid (if you haven't already)!
BEAST: Hey, y'all, Beast von Fancy here! Remember me from the webstreaming series last year? Well, we are back! The annual Sins Invalid Annual Show Pay Per View Webstreaming Series is here for you!!!! You now get to watch Sins Invalid's 2009 performance wherever you want!
Sandie: Webstream!? Did I hear webstream? What is that?
Beast: Many people have expressed their dying desire to see Sins Invalid's performance again, or they couldn't see a performance because they were out of town,
Sandie: or they were sick (cough + sneeze)
Beast: or their significant other had the flu!
Beast: their wheelchair broke down or they had other access issues
plus, after Sins Invalid's performance, people want to converse with the beauty that they discovered within themselves with their loved ones in their private or public spaces and communities. But they can't do that because they haven't been able to re-see the show.
Sandie: so they were sad... very sad...
Beast: Guess what!?! We heard you!
Beast: We now proudly announce the 2nd year of our pay-per-view webstreaming fundraiser series!
Sandie: From August 5th-11th, you will be able to watch our 2009 performance 24 hours a day for the entire week
Beast: you will get to watch the show with your loved ones, at your own homes, businesses, schools, theatres, venues, parks! Wherever you want!
You can watch our shows with your kitties and puppies, a few close friends, lovers, family members, or a houseful of cool guests! It's totally up to you! So, who wants to do it?
Beast +Sandie: me me me me me me....
Sandie: How do you sign up as a viewing party host? It's easy! Just send us an email at with the following contact information (name, email, phone number, your location)
B: WE WILL SET YOU UP! You will be asked to pay (starting with a minimum of $2) by clicking a sliding scale donation button before you view the performance. You will also receive an awesome viewing packet for discussion and a fuller viewing experience, as well as the knowledge that you are a part of something bigger: the expansion of our beautiful Sins community! Cannot wait to join us and host a viewing party? Contact us NOW~

Sins Invalid webstreaming series is totally back! Contact us now!

Sins Invalid

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