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Published on Jan 24, 2011

I decided to jump on the wagon too and made a questionnaire vid. The only difference is that I added in a few more questions b/c I thought some of the questions weren't specific enough, there wasn't enough Disney ques, I only used hand-drawn related movies, and when I did answer the original questions, my vid was about 4 mins long. And it was fun coming up with a few new questions w/ GAvillain.
The Runners up are in no particular order

1. Fantasia-This I actually have to thank my sister for because she's the one who introduced me to this movie when we would go on road trips. This movie still amazes me to this day on how the Disney coorp. could create such a masterpiece and only used orcastra music. Runners Up: Lion King

2. Belle- This was a little tricky cause I knew I was going to pick either Esmeralda, Jasmine, or Belle but I went with Belle since she's a book worm and so am I.

3. Quasimodo- God I want to hug him badly. Unlike most of the Disney heroes, he isn't a prince and is mistreated and called ugly. But in spite of that, he still has a heart of gold and just wants to be part of society. I also read the book, yes the original (Disney didn't make HoND) and felt even more sorry for Quasi. Runners Up: Jim, Tarzan, Naveen, Robin Hood, Basil,Beast

4. Joanna- I never really thought Iago was THAT funny but with Joanna, she cracked me up XD Runners Up: Archemedes, Iago, Timon and Pumbaa

5. Horned King- Out of all the villains, he and the Headless Horseman scarred me big time. Also, greatest villain entrance Runners Up: Cherny, Frollo, Facilier, Ratigan

6. Maleficent- do I really need to explain? Also, me heart dragons =)

7. Belle and Beast- I just like their relationship

8. Ballroom scene- just liked their dance out of everyone else's

9. Spaghetti scene- This scene is sooo corny, soo cheesy, yet so adorable too

10. Under the Stars-God I wanted to either pick this scene, Baby Mine, or Kayla and baby Tarzan interactions. I choose this one b/c of the infamous death coming up and after watching Mufasa's death and replaying this scene, it's just makes me more depressed ='(

11. The True King of Pride Rock-I was going to pick Mufasa's death but I always felt something more powerful from this particular scene. Runners Up: Mufasa's death, Bambi's mom's death, Baby Mine, Todd's realease

12. Bambi- I just love Bambi's innocence and shyness. Runners Up: Dumbo

13. Figaro- I like Figaro's attitude. Also did this question refer to only silent sidekick/minor animals? Cause that's the way I answered it and if I choose someone like Simba, wouldn't that just be another question to #3.

14. Baia/Bahia- I have no clue why this song provokes me so...maybe it's the warm and dark colors in the background/animation, maybe it was the singer, or maybe the song is different from the rest of the other Disney songs? This was a very hard hard ques. Runners Up: Circle of Life, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, It will be me, Somewhere out there, when you wish upon a star

15. Destino- I just love surrealism and the film gave me just that. Runners Up: Fantasia (the whole film)

16. Puck- God it was between him and Colpin (the Cheshire Cat falling into 3rd place). All are great minor characters (and I love mischievous and/or weird characters). Why did Puck win? Magic. Also, Colpin has become popular lately (and I hate how people follow something cause it's popular and completely ruin it by doing so)

17. Rescuers Down Under- Out of all the sequels, this is my fav. Runners Up: Fantasia 2000, Lion King 2

18. Headless Horseman Act- The idea of a headless horseman who wants to chop ur head off (and keep in mind, I saw the Tim Burton movie when I was young) is scary, no?

19. Hellfire- Yeah, I know this is sort of a repeat from ques. 14 but there's a difference between villain and reg. songs (no duh) so I thought...why not add in this ques.? Also even when I was younger, I knew exactly what Frollo was singing about (I watched wayyy to many Forensic Files XD) Runners Up: My lullaby, Be Prepared, Friends on the other side

20. Todd and Copper- Honestly, their friendship from the past is put to the test from what they were supposed to be, enemies. Runners up: Jim and Silver

21. Circle of Life- This question should've been added towards the beginning but I thought of it towards the end of making this questionnaire so yeah...

22. Long John Silver- I love this character (in all Treasure Island adaptations) and his relationship w/ Jim is sweet =)

23. The Horned King's Death- Yes, I stole the title idea from Kuroshitsuji (aka Black Butler...from their play? I forgot but the title idea came from them) And the Horned King got a gruesome death (skin torn off, his soul is being sucked in by the cauldron, and his skeleton is blown up into pieces)

24. When you wish upon a star ending- Classic, just pure classic


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