LION or TIGER "The VS debate"





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Published on Dec 22, 2007

(link for behind the scenes look)

WOW!, 22 million views for this dumb video.
Not since Coke vs Pepsi, Blonds vs Brunettes, have we seen such a heated debate.
(*no animals were harmed in the making of this video)
*In 2009, A team of zoologists at Oxford University compared the brain cavity in the skulls of both animals and found tigers are 16 per cent bigger than lions.
LIONS have a recognized 8 sub species with the largest getting over 500 pounds. They are listed as a Threatened Vulnerable species and current wild populations are only around 25,000.
TIGERS only have 6 sub species left (one being the S. China tiger which has not been seen in the wild for a long time) and the largest can get well over 600 pounds. They are endangered and their wild population is sadly around 3,000.
(*Featured in this video is a white tiger and they are NOT a sub species of tiger but rather are over bred in captivity for entertainment value)
"Fight Scene" Filmed at Big Cat Rescue-Tampa, Fl.
(Cameron the lion & Zabu the tiger)
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Corem GP
larger never wins. faster, smarter, and experience. if course lion was born to be king of everything... he has, knowledge, stamina, power strength and never gives up. was born to kill any animal on land. lion rules.
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EasyThere Pilgrim
Tiger fans can only talk about hunting, because that's all tigers do.  They don't fight like lions do.  And they lie about how much bigger tigers are.  The reality is that tigers are just a little heavier than lions.  But lions are taller and have a much better fighting technique and much more experience and determination.
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Katherine Uribe
Silly...that's Cameron and Zabu. They're best friends, were raised together and live together at Big Cat Rescue in Florida. They rock!
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Haon Nesretep
Well, I study animals for a living and it is an obvious fact by now that tigers are superior to lions. Tigers are larger, more muscular, and stronger. Lions fight in packs so don't have to worry about one to one fighting giving the tiger an edge in fighting techniques. But anyway there are so few tigers and lions left we should not worry about tigers being superior to lions, and just enjoy their being before their all gone.
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Petar Nikolov
Lion strong Tiger soft
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Corem GP
you can tell from this video lions are better. he don't give a crap. real fight he would kill that tiger as lightning. cause lions are smarter and better fighters. tiger just hunters of small animals. lions of all the biggest on earth...
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Mohammed Zanoun
Lions are actually bigger,taller and faster but the tiger is heavier and has 1inch longer teeth. But I still think a Lion would win!
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Blue star girl
Thats just playing. They probably grown up together . :D
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They are Cameron and Zabu in Big cat rescue. They seemed to play
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