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Published on Mar 31, 2009

UFOs & ET Contact (Part 1-8)

Ed Sherwood talks about his early UFO and Extraterrestrial contact experiences
at a UFO Conference for the first time.

UFOs & ET Contact
A Personal Experience

By Ed Sherwood

Since 1975 I have observed more than 200 UFO sightings (most with multiple witnesses present), from distances ranging from approximately seven miles to thirty feet away. I have also experienced a Close Encounter of the Third Kind seven times, four of which were with the same Extraterrestrial being.

Interactions with the latter occurred in May 1974, September 1979, December 1980 and July 1992. Further interactions occurred in March 1981 and August 1993 with two different types of Extraterrestrial being (making three in total), with the former being an intimidating MIB incident and the latter being two violating and implanting Grey encounters.

In May 1974 and again in September 1979 a single Extraterrestrial being asked me Do you remember? and what followed on both occasions was a super-conscious flood of mental impressions that has affected my entire life. It was a mind expanding experience and a personal spiritual awakening to realize in my formative years, at almost nine and fourteen, something about who I was, where I had come from, and where I was going as a soul. I also learned why I was here as a soul and what my lifes work would be. After these two encounters, and one I would experience in December 1980, the course of my current human life track was profoundly influenced.

Shortly after my first encounter and vision like experience of remembering I understood I had briefly remote viewed a fragment of my own soul history and future, and with this knowledge my general awareness and outlook on life was instantly changed. Many people experience a major trauma in their lives and afterwards feel their life partitioned by it. The first Extraterrestrial being encounter (initially the most frightening experience of my life), and experience of soul viewing, was the same for me, and perhaps not surprisingly, with this incident, I also experienced a period of time that was, and still is to this day, missing. Hidden from recall it is known in UFOlogy as missing time and can occur for a number of possible reasons.

One is, because of what is experienced is so overwhelming emotionally and often physically that the traumatic part of it is blanked out from memory. Sometimes ET intelligences do not wish the experiencer to remember too and unconsciousness or hypnosis is involved causing a
blank or a forgetting to occur, sometimes replaced by what is called a screen memory that masks the actual incident. In my case, I have always suspected the former since the purpose of the beings presence and single question seemed to be solely to stimulate me to remember.
However, I was very young and what I experienced was a lot to accept and understand in detail, and to integrate in my otherwise very different human family and societal life. Also, my initial response was paralyzing fear and though I have no further memory of being afraid
after the being asked, Do you remember? I simply cannot recall how the incident ended.

Did the being disappear before the end of the soul viewing experience or afterwards? Did anything else happen? I dont know. I can still vividly remember climbing down from the top of a bunk bed and waiting for something to appear and the hairs on the back of my neck standing up as it did, but the end of the experience is a complete blank despite many attempts to recall it.

Ed Sherwood August 1995/March 2009

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Video (Parts 1-8):

UFOs & ET Contact: A Personal Experience
Original VHS Video Copyright 1995 UFO Vision
Edited Online Version Copyright 2009 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research


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