Dan Savage

  1. 36

    Dan Savage's Advice on Threesomes and Public Orgies

  2. 20

    Dan Savage: Why is HIV/AIDS Viewed as a Disease of the Gay Community?

  3. 8

    Dan Savage: What do you suggest for a sexually incompatible couple who has tried everything?

  4. 10

    Dan Savage: Is it stupid to start a relationship with someone who's going away for two years?

  5. 15

    Dan Savage: How do I ask my boyfriend if he's just using me for sex?

  6. 21

    Dan Savage: How do you give a good blow job?

  7. 32

    Dan Savage: Why are so many exes so vengeful?

  8. 17

    Dan Savage: Why do some people have bent penises?

  9. 9

    Dan Savage: How can I convince my boyfriend it's not gross to go down on me?

  10. 46

    Dan Savage on Accepting What You find Attractive

  11. 11

    Dan Savage: Is it OK to have sex with a guy and try to get pregnant without telling him?

  12. 22

    Dan Savage: What age is it appropriate to have sex?

  13. 50

    Dan Savage on What You Will do Sexually in the Name of Love

  14. 5

    Dan Savage: How do you avoid developing a porn addiction living in Montana?

  15. 3

    Dan Savage: My girlfriend bribes me with blowjobs but never follows through. Is this a deal breaker?

  16. 24

    Dan Savage: Do threesomes ruin relationships?

  17. 29

    Dan Savage: What is the best advice for maintaining a long relationship?

  18. 34

    Dan Savage on Losing your Virginity Later in Life

  19. 6

    Dan Savage: Where is the strangest place someone has told you they've had sex?

  20. 19

    Dan Savage: I haven't had sex in eight years. What's the best way to get back out there?

  21. 23

    [Deleted video]

  22. 35

    Dan Savage on Fantasizing About Other People During Sex

  23. 13

    Dan Savage: Is it appropriate for a girl to want a polyamorous relationship with an older couple?

  24. 38

    Dan Savage's Thoughts on Polyamorous Relationships

  25. 12

    Dan Savage: How do men have multiple orgasms?

  26. 33

    Dan Savage: Why is it so hard for sluts to find monogamous partners?

  27. 45

    Dan Savage on Progressing Public Thought on Gay Marriage

  28. 48

    Dan Savage on What to Expect From a Gay Roommate

  29. 30

    Dan Savage: How does Dan feel about the rights of sex workers?

  30. 41

    Dan Savage on Horrible Kissing

  31. 7

    Dan Savage: How do you avoid a sexless relationship with someone you love?

  32. 25

    Dan Savage: How can I improve my sex life with my husband?

  33. 26

    Dan Savage: What does the institution of marriage mean?

  34. 40

    Dan Savage on Moral Limits to Orgasms

  35. 1

    Dan Savage: Can you give advice on maintaining sexual chemistry in a long term lesbian relationship?

  36. 51

    Dan Savage: How do you initiate changing positions during sex?

  37. 31

    Dan Savage: Do you believe in masturbation?

  38. 4

    Dan Savage: What can I do to stop daydreaming and losing my erection during sex?

  39. 42

    Dan Savage on Bringing Back Life to Old Relationships

  40. 43

    Dan Savage on Breaking Up and Getting Back Together

  41. 14

    Dan Savage: How do I handle sex with my partner when it's intense, beautiful, and short?

  42. 44

    Dan Savage on Pubic Hair

  43. 37

    Dan Savage on the Existence of Bisexuality

  44. 2

    Dan Savage: I'm afraid to lose my virginity. What should I do?

  45. 16

    Dan Savage: Why do I prefer strong, aggressive women for sex and shy, passive girls for girlfriends?

  46. 27

    Dan Savage: What is the best position to have a G-spot orgasm?

  47. 39

    Dan Savage on Strange Visions During Sex

  48. 18

    Dan Savage: Is it weird to live with your ex while dating new people?

  49. 47

    Dan Savage on Swinging and Monogamy

  50. 28

    Dan Savage: How has your religious upbringing helped your career?

  51. 49

    Dan Savage on Long Distance Relationships

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