I Love My Enemy (A LoLena Story) Chapter 8





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Uploaded on Aug 11, 2011

Enjoy :)
Logan's PROV:
I was bursting with laughter. I looked around the room, I only saw angry expressions. I looked over at the mad brunette, she had her arms crossed infront of her. Suddenly the girls started yelling us to get out. Eventually they were pushing us out the door. Taylor was infront of them all. We were right out on the door way.
Taylor: "AND STAY OUT!"
She slammed the door and we walked away. We started to exchange some looks then started laughing.
Sam: "Oh man. BEST PRANK EVER!"
All the guys agreed, including me. It was fun to mess with the girls, although we might have to pay for tonight. It was about 3 in the morning. I went to my dorm and fell asleep. I woke up to a loud slam, I turned on my desk lamp and glared towards the clock. It was 4:36 am, I looked over to find a figure with her hands on her hips.
Selena: "What the hells the matter with you!"
Me: "Jeez, it was just a prank."
Selena: "Ugh you're such a JERK!"
Me: "Oh come on! It ain't a big deal!"
Selena: "You never take anything seriously, do you? You will never change! You're always going to be this childish brat!"
Me: "Wait, I'm in college now! I am grown up!"
Selena: "Then when are you going to start acting like it!"
Me: "Well it's just something you're going to have to deal with. Good night."
I turned off the lamp light and turned over to the other side. I heard Selena jump into bed. I felt a little guilty but then remembered the girl's faces. I started chuckling.
Selena: "What's so funny now?"
I laughed louder this time.
Me: "You should have seen your guys faces." I turned over to look at Selena. She was smiling and rolling her eyes.
Selena: "Shut up!"
She turned over and went to sleep.
Me: "Good night."
Selena: "Whatever."

I could tell she wasn't mad anymore. I soon drifted off and went to sleep.

Selena's PROV:
I knocked on Demi's door, hopeing Nick wouldn't answer. The door opened and it was Demi. Thank god!
Demi: "Hey!"
Me: "Hey, Taylor wanted to see if you wanted to see a movie."
Demi: "What movie?"
Me: "The Notebook, what else?"
Demi: "Of course."
Me: "So is that a yes?"
Demi: "Are you going?"
Me: "Duh!"
Demi: "Alright, I'll be there."
Me: "Great. I think it's going to be at the lounge. Hopefully the boys don't prank us again."
Demi: "Yeah, so immature of them."
Me: "Yeah but I want to beat them at their own game."
Demi: "In other words... Revenge?"
Me: "Exactly,"
Demi: "We'll talk about it at the lounge. Who's bringing the popcorn."
Me: "I will, I'll go to the market really quick."
Demi: "Good, what's a movie without popcorn."
Me: "Not a good one, that's for sure."
Demi: "Alright, well I've gotta go meet up with Shane. He said he had something important to tell me."
Me: "Ok, cya."
Demi: "Bye."
She closed the door and I walked out of the building. I decided to walk because the market wasn't far away at all. Someone tapped my shoulder from behind, I turned around to find Logan with his hands in his pockets.
Me: "Hello?"
Logan: "Hey, where ya headed?"
Me: "To the market.'
Logan: "Hey, I need a favor."
Me: "Ugh, what is it now?"
Logan: "I need you to sleep somewhere else tonight."
Me: "Let me guess, a lady friend?"
Logan: "You know me to well."
Me: "Well, you're going to have to cancel. I'm not sleeping anywhere else."
Logan: "Oh come on!"
I rolled my eyes and looked around. I looked over at the park next to us and found Nick walking over where I was. I panicked.
Me: "I need a favor."
Logan: "I'll do it, if you sleep somewhere else!"
Me: " Fine deal!"
Logan: "Ok, what do you need?"

Without thinking, I pulled Logan's shirt and pressed my lips onto his. The kiss was deeper than I needed. The longer it was the more intense it got. It was so intense that I forgot why I kissed him in the first place. My senses kicked in and I pushed him off. I looked around and there was no sign of Nick. I sighed in relief.
A little more intensity is going on in this chapter! Comment please! :)


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