Kingdom Hearts 2: All Sora's Drive Forms





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Published on Jun 20, 2008


Song: "Sons of Chaos"

This video shows all of sora's forms which take place in Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final mix+

Sora standard form is the form you will be using throughout the game after you've awakened Sora with Roxas. When you first get Sora he will have on the clothes that he had in Kingdom Hearts 1 which means there small on him, so he go to get some new ones and with that you also get the Valor Form.

Each form have it's own level up guage and various ways to level up the gauge, for example you can level up the Valor Form gauge fighting anybody but for Wisdom Form you have to defeat only Heartless to level up. After every 2nd level up, Sora will gain the ability that form does. For example Valor Form's ability is to do a High-Jump, and when you level up Valor Form to 2 levels Sora will gain The High-Jump ability while Valor Form Gains the next level in High-Jump

Valor Form is a cool form, which allows you to wield 2 Keyblades at the same time. Valor Form also provides fast-pace running, fast combos, stronger attacks, and a Red Suit. Like all the other forms (with the execption of one) it can run out of Drive and you will revert back to Standard Sora.

The next form is Wisdom Form which is obtained after sealing the Disney's Castle's Keyhole. Wisdom Form allows you to do a Quick Dash across the floor which can becomehandy in a battle situation. Wisdom Form focuses on Magic which lets you slide across the floor and perform more powerful Magi'c Attacks. Wisdom Form gives Sora a sparkling Blue Outfit.

Master Form is the next form which is given to you from Mickey at Xehanort's Study. Master Form wields one keyblade physically, and one with magic. Master Form also allows you to do a Aerial Dodge whcih blocks enemy attacks when used. Other than that Master Form is a Yellow Outfit.

Next is Final Form and one of the coolest too. Final Form is obtained randomly after you battle with Roxas and The World that Never Was. When changing into a form you have about a less than half change of changing into it. Final Form wields both Keyblades with magic but attacks as if they have a mind of they're own. With awe-shocking attacks and beatiful death strikes over-and-over makes Final Form perfect. Final Form allows you to glide the air but if you level it up to max your basically flying. Final Form gives Sora a gleaming silver suit that sparkle like the sun.

Anti Form is completely different from all the other. Anti-Form can be triggered by using forms to much. Once you've exceeded the number of times, if you transform around some Heartless, you have a percent chance of turning Anti due to the number of times you've transformed into a different form so many times. Its confusing but its like if you turned Valor Form like 3 times, you have like a 40% chance of turning Anti, and if its 5 times, you have a 50% chance, and so on. A way to prevent this is transforming in an empty area (A area with NO Heartless). If you do that, then you don't have to worry about going Anti.

I really don't have anything to say about Limit Form other than you can do unlimited Limit Commands (i guess) and that you get the Kingdom Hearts 1 clothes back only bigger. I've never played Final Mix+ so if like Limit Form, go look up some Information.

I know this was really long but i do what i have to make sure you know what's what.

-Final (my fingers are cramped)


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