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Published on Aug 31, 2012

A soldier is separated from his squad during an intense firefight and left only with the support of a single ANA troop.
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Thanks to CharkhTankENT for the video!

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MrLeonidas0001 Tactical Adventures
I have no doubt this man made it back home because he is pure badass.
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MrLeonidas0001 Tactical Adventures
+Clearwaters Well hopefully he made it but crazy things happen in combat.
A&A Britten
+MrLeonidas0001 Tactical Adventures And of course the video made it back from his helmet cam...
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Stands up, flips off the enemy, and keeps firing. Balls of fuckin' steel.
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نديم الصالحي
DAMOSQUITO XG what world do you live in you would die instantly if you ran up to them barehanded
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Victor Bui
You can see the fear trembling through his hands, you can hear it in his breath. It takes a lot to be a soldier.
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J Hawk
It's the shot that you don't hear, that kills you. So it's irrelevant. Keep fighting, go home.
ƒяεεÞФϻ ƒîgнтεя
Victor Bui Because a soldier always knows in a firefight - one stray bullet to the face, then nothing. It's the worst fear imaginable.
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Quincy Fitzgerald
Legend says he still fighting in Afghanistan alone.
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he has been blessed by Cratos
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when you're the last man standing but you still taunt the enemies. you have the balls of a vietnam veteran
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I'd call that stupidity and not bravery.
Mr. Pringles
ItsGokuable haha
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If anyone needs to know the guy is alive and well. He even replied to some comments a year ago.
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Michael Delvalle
tell him he's a badass, from me
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That was the most epic "fuck you" I have ever heard O_O Stand at attention people... this is a real man.
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That One Kid
But they say "no man left behind"
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1:05 What a fucking badass
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Mimi Fenleys
Erik w
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Talapino Productions
This man was so scared you can hear it in his breathe, but that's okay it's normal when one bullet can kill you right their.. that snapping by his head, those snaps are bullets flying right past him,and on the video their loud snaps, so bullets were flying all around him close, of course he was scared, i would be crying....this soldier had the balls to expose his head to shoot back, imagin your in this situation, left behind prob in the confusion of battle, your getting shot at like crazy you can hear the bullets fly past your body, and head....the bravery to stand up in the hail of bullets just to fire some back is insane,...a lot of people think these men fight to serve their country.... Sure sounds good, but when your in battle, your not fighting for your country.. Your fighting for your own life, and the man next to you. 
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