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Published on Sep 23, 2010

Brian idle Diederich written by Black Sabbath "Ultrafast, thrash, noise with lyrics....(WG)" - MRR #70 review

"really outrageous, even blasphemous lyrics (complete with lyric booklet for your edification) The flipside has some sound collage type stuff as well as more heavy-duty music. Basement music for the moshing set." (T/MG) Factsheet Five #29

"Those videos are just brimming over with youthful enthusiasm. A band like that could be playing a loft party in Brooklyn or Berkley somewhere today and they'd be lookin' just as "fresh" and cutting edge. What I liked about Dead Gods was that I think we all heard the band in different ways, but those ways coalesced into a totally unique and freakish way. I looked at what we were doing as 'art'. I really did. I thought it was an organized, hardcore noise that was punctuated by these outside aural influences: the "best of" boombox tape; the white noise; the AM talk radio being played in the background as we pounded away on our instruments. Even where we practiced played into that aural asthetic with the furnace and pipes and wires. Brian and me had a shitty punk band the year before called FFFH, that was clearly more 'together' than Dead Gods. But the three of us seemed to transcend that shit. We couldn't have done what we did unless it was the three of us at that moment, at that time.
When we played our first show in the bottom of the TEX Fraternity House, opening up for Yer Mom, I remember being behind the drums and people were throwing fucking beer cups at us. We'd play one of those impossibly noisy speed-fest songs and I would FREEZE- sticks in the air, a grimace on my face- and feel the beer splash across my face. And I felt like we had achieved something! I understood what we were doing. idle understood what we were doing. Wayne understood what we were doing. Fuck them if they didn't get it. And, trust me, there was a lot there to get, even if we couldn't play drums worth a shit. We were uber-music, the first and only art hardcore band, noise within the framework of rock, without all the bullshit pretense that comes with trying to be willfully antagonistic or 'ironic' or 'arty' for that matter.
Even the name was fucking Art Nouveau. Not just "Dead Gods", but "Dead Gods Without Heads". Its like reducing idols to nothing but functionless torsos." -- steve of dead gods Without Heads.

"Yeah I never was in such a free to express the inner side and then do what we wanted like natural band that felt the art of what we were doing. We practiced next to a furnace and there were all these pipes and wires and I had a bunch of TV's with the backs taken off so that we could see the Cathode Ray Tubes cause like we were all into industrial noise and all the new music coming out. There was no shower in my basement apartment so I had to shower at friends and the toilet was in a small closet like elevated a foot and we called it the throne. Some kid from Britain traded tapes with us and he would send Carcass and Napalm Death demos and later said we were first grind core band from America. There were really nice people. We had this boombox that we would record with but also it had two tape holders so in one was like a talk loop and the other tape was hit by whoever was drumming if we stopped playing for any reason. Yeah a cool thing is that we each wanted to practice to play the drums and get good at an unconventional syle we kinda each wanted. Did some unconstricted freestyle jams for hours on a plane with Jah. We would listen to the boombox to hear what we did. each had a unique style that was kinda for us. Wayne and me drove to California and when we were heading to SanFrancisco we saw signs for Gilman Street in Berkley and were like they have all those shows at the Gilman Street Project so we turned there and camped behind the racetrack at the end of the street and swam in the bay and Got jobs at Blondies and places on Telegraph and stayed for over six months. Later in 89 Steve and i formed "Dead Gods" with Lukie on drums and played big parties in pungo and made another Lo Fi recording." - idle of dead gods Without Heads

dead gods Without Heads in the basement during Johnny Mayo's double keg Party in a big House on Main Street in Blacksburg VA. formed in Blacksburg VA in1987. Thier first recording is a boombox demo called dead gods "Without Heads" . Maximum RocknRoll Reviewed thier demo and called it :"Ultra fast, thrash noise". There was already SOD and Mosh but people weren't using the term grindcore yet. Once the term became popular, a later reviewer said that "dead gods are the first grindcore band from America". The dead gods Without Heads tape was fast but they also played some slow stuff with a talk tape loop over it.

Thanks to Todd Robinette for getting a video camera.

Filmed By Todd Robinette in a House on Main Street in Blacksburg May 13, 1988


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