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Uploaded on Jun 13, 2010

The Atlas is an open system gathering visions on the city. Projects, actions, publications, web sites, theories. Everything can be included in the atlas to create a shared information space.

The Atlas lives across digital and physical spaces.

On the web, an open system is used to add visions and to access the ones that are already present through territory, time and the semantic space.

In the physical space, the Atlas is a large scale installation designed for public spaces. Here people can access the shared information either visually, by observing the 35 meter wide information aesthetics, or they can directly interact with information by using multitouch screens allowing direct connection to the projected surface, browsing information through categories, territories and times.

The walls of the public spaces animate themselves, communicating the stratification of the multiple points of view, ideas, projects, events and voices that define the life of the city, its emotions, its desires and strategies.

The Atlas is an open project, instantiated for the first time in the city of Rome, where it has been curated by Paolo Valente and commissioned by the Order of the Architects for the Festa dell'Architettura 2010 ( Index Urbis http://www.indexurbis.it/ ) with the name "Atlante di Roma", with the fundamental collaboration of the Council for Communication and Cultural Policies of the City of Rome.

The project is based on the creation of a complex network of institutions, professionals, academics and other subjects expressing or telling the visions on the life and on the possible evolutions of the city, of the relations and interactions among its citizens, of public spaces, of information and social interaction.

The experience will be replicated, during the next months, in other cities both in Italy and in the rest of the world.


  1. 58

    the Electronic Man at ADD Festival, MACRO Testaccio, Rome contemporary art museum

  2. 59

    The Electronic Man

  3. 60

    sega noise'n glitches at LPM

  4. 61

    Nuclear Anxiety at the Live Performers Meeting

  5. 62

    Orson Welles - rejected from the RomaEuropaWebFactory Prize

  6. 63

    William Burroughs - rejected from the RomaEuropaWebFactory Prize

  7. 64

    Angel_F DFIR Internet Governance Forum Roma 27 Sept 2007

  8. 65

    Degradazione per Sovrapposizione di Corpi at (re)Actor3 in Liverpool

  9. 66

    Angel_F a Più Libri Più Liberi a Roma

  10. 67

    REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory presentation @ ESA Conference 2010

  11. 68

    Ubiquitous Anthropology presentation @ ESA Conference 2010 2/2

  12. 69

    Ubiquitous Anthropology presentation @ ESA Conference 2010 1/2

  13. 70

    Squatting Supermarkets presentation @ ESA Conference 2010

  14. 71

    FakePress presentation @ ESA Conference 2010

  15. 72

    Massimo Canevacci: F for Fake

  16. 73

    Cities telling stories: Atlas, ConnectiCity, reality and a nice event

  17. 74

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  18. 75

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  19. 76

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  20. 77

    Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  21. Atlante di Roma / Atlas of Rome

  22. 79

    L'atlante di Roma

  23. 80

    Atlante di Roma alla Pelanda

  24. 81

    Angel_F @ NodeFest

  25. 82

    Angel_F, diario di una giovane intelligenza artificiale

  26. 83

    Squatting Supermarkets, Augmented reality for liberated spaces [ FakePress, Art is Open Source

  27. 84

    xDxD reads Creative Code by John Maeda while penelope prepares baked potatoes

  28. 85

    Squatting Supermarkets, una gita in realtà aumentata ad Eataly, Torino

  29. 86

    AHAcktitude 09 Giacomo Verde talks about mobile aesthetics and a little history

  30. 87

    AHAcktitude 09 Massimo Cittadini speaks about the Physical Computing Lab

  31. 88

    Angel_F @ AHAcktitude

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