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Published on Nov 3, 2009

Which physical features light the flames of passion when we see a stranger across a crowded room? And why do women's faces subtly change over the course of every month?

What makes you sexy and attractive to the opposite sex?

Everyday, attraction starts the same way for millions of people around the world with a glance.

But which physical features light the flames of passion when we see a stranger across a crowded room? The signs of beauty turn out to be the same the world over and were biologically programmed to spot them. And its all because beauty is the bait we use to attract a mate.

Surprisingly, the very first impression we make on other people often has nothing to do with our faces or our figures. Its the way we move.

Good movers are sexy because they come across as fit, healthy and co-ordinated. And that means theyre likely to have good genes. Just what you want in a partner with whom you might start a family.

When it comes to beautiful faces we reveal that symmetry is the key. To prove this theory leading experts at the University of St Andrew's in Scotland analyse the faces of two models, Hannah and Jason.

Incredibly, experiments at the University of Newcastle in England have found women's faces become more symmetrical and attractive to men when they're ovulating.

Its a bombshell revealing that, like many animals, human females can become more desirable to males when they're ready to conceive.

And a woman's monthly cycle has another trick to play. It can change her taste in men. While ovulating she may find more masculine looking partners attractive, possibly because their features are associated with strong genes.

What about the future of beauty? As we make huge advances in genetic engineering and cosmetic surgery were gaining the power to completely transform the way we look.

More and more people may use this knowledge to push the rules of attraction to extremes. Fantasy will become reality - some women could even end up looking like Lara Croft

Whatever happens in the future, the best way to make a big first impression will remain the same: just smile.

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Comments • 49

Yes, but you have to also agree that for some people you will never look good and for other you will only if you dress a little better and do your hair. For example a Neo-Nazi would never like a black girl even if she is a model. And don't expect to be any lucky if you dress as a homeless guy. So saying that it's "just genetics" is only partially true.
Rumple Stiltskin
This is so superficial as to be hysterical. People are attracted to each other for a myriad of reasons, the least of which are sight and smell. Humans beings are multi-dimensional and are attracted to each other because they are also in relationships with each other in the other realities they inhabit. Through the continuum these emotional connections are recognized and thus you find yourself attracted to a person when you have no idea as to why. Science is just beginning to understand this aspect of our human nature.
I'm 19 and I'm 5'5"! I loooove tall women that dominate me. Let me know if you are a tall woman who loves to dominate submissive little runts like me ;)
Amit Sethi
I used to love this series. Can you please tell me how I can my hands on it. Do you plan to upload more?
Specifically; it's how you move certain parts of the body to which the opposite sex is attracted.
Bull crap we like who we like, this is shallow
Actually, a "good mover" can be a sign of genes that haven't adapted intelligence.
Jerry Krause
+StorytellerMedia - Life without women is a pain in the ass, no more is that true than for the gay community. They talk about the anus as if it were a vagina and say the sex there is an expression of love. Common sense tells us the anus is going to smell and taste like shit because that is what comes out of there. The "natural scent" of the anus is shit. Osmology (science of smell research) on the other hand tell us that the vagina produces a scent called pheromones; arousal-stimulating smells or chemicals that signal sexual desire, sexual readiness, hormone levels, fertility and the deepest emotions. Not only is the scent more pleasant than, say that from the anus, but when released by the body it can work like magic to attract members of the opposite sex. Just as interesting is how male semen works as a natural antidepressant for women and enhance chemicals like oxytocin, the "love hormone" linked to such things as orgasm, social recognition, maternal instincts and anxiety reduction (cf. "An Ode to the Many Evolved Virtues of Human Semen," J. Bering, Scientific American, Sept. 22, 2010). Again, this does not occur between gay men. Lastly, what gays refer to as their G-spot is actually physical trauma to their prostate gland. Studies have found that men who have slept with, for example, 20 women had a 28% reduced rate for prostate cancer; while men who slept with 20 men had a 26% increased rate for prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi and Marie-Elise Parent, published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, October 28, 2014. Yet, gay men would want us to believe that their shit is love.
Lilja Grönrus
why am I watching this? :D
Aszta Lusta
That painful stage when your brother’s friend (who’s been a loser always) gets a jaw-dropping woman to fall in love with him in 2 weeks?! Yeah, that occurred. I know I should think well done, nevertheless I wish it was me. He revealed that he applied the the Cupid Love System (Google it). I would like to hide out inside a cave at this point...
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