Digimon Adventure PSP - Walkthrough Episode 33 ~ The Digidestined back home





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Published on Feb 20, 2013

Episode 33 of the story mode of Digimon Adventure for PSP.
Anime Episodes 30 & 31: "Almost Home Free" "Digimon, the Great Crossing of Tokyo!!" "Dejimon Toukyou Daioudan!!" (デジモン東京大横断!!)
"The Eighth Digivice" "Raremon! Surprise Attack on Tokyo Bay" "Reamon! Toukyou-wan Shuugeki" (レアモン! 東京湾襲撃)

The kids decide that they should attempt hitch-hiking home, because they don't have money for the subway and it's better than walking. Tai/Taichi tries to stop a car first with no luck and tells Matt/Yamato to try next, but he appears to be too embarrassed to do it. Joe/Jou and Izzy/Koushiro go next, which amuses the others, and they stop a taxi. The driver then realizes the kids don't have any money and leaves. Sora and Mimi then manage to get a ride. Swimming in the water below a bridge is one of Myotismon/Vamdemon's sea henchmen, Gesomon, a giant squid-like monster. Ikkaumon defeats Gesomon but the fight attracts a lot of bystanders. The kids manage to escape by travelling on Ikkakumon. The DigiDestined finally return to their homes. In his secret location, somewhere in Tokyo, Myotismon/Vamdemon is angered to hear from DemiDevimon/PicoDevimon that the kids have already defeated two of his henchmen Mammothmon and Gesomon. Tai goes home and begins to wonder if Kari/Hikari is the 8th child. Tai's parents arrive home and Tai is emotional to see them. Meanwhile, Kari is looking for their cat Miko which found Kari's digivice under her bed and takes it. Izzy/Koushiro arrives at home through his window with Tentomon so his parents don't see. Izzy then has a flashback of overhearing his parents talking, revealing that he was adopted. Thanks to a message from Gennai on his laptop, Izzy and Tentomon (being the only ones awake at the time) learn of the Digimon nearby and begin tracking down another one of Myotismon's henchmen. They find Raremon, the creature from the water. As a battle ensues, Izzy gets a signal from the eighth Digivice, and decides to follow it by himself. However, DemiDevimon is also following a signal from the Digivice (which Miko abandoned), and finds Izzy. Kabuterimon, fresh from defeating Raremon in an intense battle, comes to the rescue just in time, while the eighth Digivice is carried away by a crow. Izzy returns home to his quite worried parents, and just like in the flashback, overhears them talking. They are concerned that he has changed since he returned home from camp, and are worried he is hiding something.

Not in the anime: Matt goes home and meets his father. On the way there, he fights a group of Gazimon.

Digimon Adventure PSP
Release Date: January 17, 2013



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