Bolt x Angel 3 ❝When Everything Else is Gone❞





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Published on Mar 8, 2011

Bolt x Angel 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6r6Gp...
Bolt x Angel 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcEw58...
Bolt x Angel 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbNcB_...

S T O R Y L I N E:
Text in the start:

"Bolt has been home for 6 months now..."
"After a while bolt feels like something is watching them."
"His over protectiveness, starts making him and angel fight."
"Bolt feels like his family is not safe with him anymore."

Bolts over protectiveness final pushes him to tell angel that he thinks they should move to another town, angel does not like this plan and she thinks bolt even thinking about it is crazy.
Angel:"How could you do that?"
Bolt replies angrily "I'm trying to keep us safe here"
Angel a little taken back: "its like you want to have a fight."
This upsets bolt that angel thinks he would ever do something like that. So bolt walks away and so does angel.

Angel is very sad how things are turning out between them, she starts to think of balto and wonders where he is. Meanwhile balto has been living else where but he always has angel and bolt jr. on his mind. He decides he can't take it anymore so he goes to find them.

Bolt has been out wandering and he wish he knew why he came back and how he came back. (him looking at his paw really has no meaning. xD) suddenly out of know where a bright light appears in the sky and bolt see an angel! He looks in amazement then he starts to run away. But kenai (The angel) is standing right behind him bolt backs up in fear, kenai is surprised to see him so afraid but he knows bolt has forgotten everything so he shows bolt what happen.

In the memory (this is in heaven) bolt sees himself sleeping and someone sneaking up on him then he wakes up and this someone attacks him bolt falls then pops out of the box like he did in bolt x angel 2. bolt comes out of the memory and remembers now :
Bolt: "its not true"
kenai: "it is true and we think this someone sent you back to earth to kill you...again."
Bolt: "it makes no sense why would someone in heaven want to do that?"
Kenai: " I don't know that's why we need to find him before he finds you."
Bolt: " well, first I need to tell angel"

Angel has been out with bolt jr. when suddenly she notice balto,
Angel: "what are you doing"
Balto: "hi"
Balto, then starts rambling about something angel can tell he's nerves so she just smiles and balto laughs. Balto see bolt jr who is very happy to see him, they nuzzle. Bolt then steps in front of bolt jr. balto turns to walk away.
Bolt: "so you are afraid of me?"
Balto stops: " those are some pretty strong words for someone who can't even protect his family"
Bolt: "You can go to hell"
Balto is not going to take that so they both start to fight, then angel jumps in and tells them to stop.

Bolt backs off first then balto seeing that bolt has. Angel then takes control and yells at bolt "just get out of here bolt." he feel guilty so he walks away. He then meets back up with kenai who asks him what happen, bolt tells him everything
Bolt: "I only fought with balto so angel would tell me to leave." Kenai: " why?"
Bolt: "cause I want her to be safe, now lets go find the person responsible for sending me back!"

Meanwhile simba is finding his father dead, but finding someone else alive.


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