{MMD} Happy Lunar New Year 2011 - Go Google It (ggrks) - Vocaloid Holidays Special





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Published on Feb 3, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
Or in Japanese: Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

I wish everyone a very lucky and happy year, with no bad luck, no accidents or nothing bad will happen to everyone!
And I also hope the Vocaloid will grow more and more popular.
Happy New Year!

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the views ^^
And this is also the 2nd Entry to the MOMI Cup ^^

- Thanks to creators of models, accessories, etc. used in the video.
- Special thanks to the composer of ggrks (Go google it)
- Special Thanks to the members of HS.net for their support.
- This version is the actual real vocaloid voice provider (Gackt and Yū Asakawa are the voice provider of Gakupo and Luka) - Thanks OtakuGemma for the information
- Animations and lip-sync is by me, I did not use any motion data in this video.

And finally, thank you for watching this video.
Happy Lunar New Year! Happy the year of the bunny (Or rabbit)! ^_~

ggrks Lyrics:

[Luka] Please do not ask me why.
[Gakupo] All of you wants to know me, I think.
[Luka] Please do not ask me why.
[Gakupo] All of you wants to know me.

[G] Konna kimochi wa hajimete (This is the first time I've felt like this)
[L] Shoshinsha wa maza romuterro (A rom is what beginners start out with)
[G] Kimi wo sh*tashiku naritai n da (I want to be the person closest to you)
[L] Nareai nara viipu de yare (Your vip is probably fake)
Iitai koto ga aru no nara hikkiri ieba? (If you have something to say will you just spit it out already?)
[G] Boku no koto dou omotteru? (How do you feel about me?)
[L] Shiru ka yo, gugure-kasu. (As if I know, go Google it)

[L] Gugure-kasu (Go Google it)
[G] Meado oshiete? (What's your e-mail?)
[L] Gugure-kasu (Go Google it)
[G] Doko sunde n no? (Where do you live?)
[L] Gugure-kasu (Go Google it)
[G] Suki na taipu wa? (What's your type? (of man))
[L] Yafuu de gugure-kasu (Go Yahoo! Google it)
[G] Tsugi itsu aeru? (When can we meet again?)
[L] Gugure-kasu (Go Google it)
[G] Nasu to ka taberu? (Do you eat eggplants?) -.-
[L] Gugure-kasu (Go Google it)
[G] Koibito iru no? (Do you have a boyfriend?)
[L] Oshietai keredo... (I'd love to tell you, but...)
Sunao ni narenai dame na no (I can't be honest with you, it won't do.)

[G] Kimi no koe kokoro de ripiito (I play your voice over and over on repeat)
[L] Shakujo sjiro un'ei shigoto shiro (I don't think you should quit your day job)
[G] Kimi no miryoku wo kataru yo (I want to tell you how charming you are)
[L] Koko wa omae no nikki janee (This is not your diary)
Megurine-chu wa su ni kaere (Megurine-chu* can just go home.)
Da-sure wo tateru na (Don't post stupid threads)
[G] Kimi no honne ga shiritai n da (I want to know how you really feel)
[L] Shiru ka yo, gugure-kasu. (As if I know, go Google it)

[L] Gugure-kasu (Go Google it)
[G] Surii-saizu wa? (What are your three sizes?)
[L] Gugure-kasu (Go Google it)
[G] Pantsu nani iru? (What's the color of your panties?)
[L] Gugure-kasu (Go Google it)
[G] Pantsu haiteru? (Are you wearing any(panties) at all?)
[L] Rakuten de gugure-kasu (Rakuten** Google it)
[G] Zuuto suki da yo (I've always loved you)
[L] Dette iu? (What's that?)
[G] Ai sh*teru n da (I love you)
[L] Maruchi ottsu (Stop posting it everywhere)
[G] Kimiochi wakatte (Please understand these feelings)
[L] Wakatte iru no ni... (It's not that I don't understand...)
Honne wa kokoro meguru no... (My true feelings are swirling around...)

[L] Konno taido ja kirewarechau... (If I keep acting like this you'll end up hating me...)
Hontou wa watashi? (What's wrong with me?)
Anata ga dare yore ichiban (You're the number one for me)
Suki na no, kizuke baka! (I love you, realize that, you idiot!) ;A;

[L] Kanchigai shinaide choudai (Please don't misunderstand me)
Be...betsu ni anta no koto janai kara (I... I don't have any personal feelings for you)
Kao no akai ga akai maguro no sei (My face is red because of that red tuna) -.-
[G] Honna wo iwanai (You won't tell me how you feel)
[L] Ienai (I can't say it)
[G] Kimi ga suki dayo (I love you)
[L] Baka mitai (You're acting stupid)
Hontou no kimochi gugure-tara mou (Just look up my true feelings on Google)
Watashi wo marugoto agechau (I give you my entire self)

[L] Please do not ask me why.
[G] All of you wants to know me, I think.
[L] Please do not ask me why.
[G] All of you wants to know me.
You search it with this Google.


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