Happy Thanksgiving - Stop Motion Video

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2007/11/11 に公開

I am only approving video responses having to do with Thanksgiving, stop motion, timelapse or animation. NOTE: for some reason YouTube isn't posting all video responses. If it doesn't post, try again. If it still doesn't, sorry :)

Thanks to all for the wonderful comments. I'm glad this has entertained so many of you. It was a lot of fun to make. I'm not responding to comments but I am reading everything posted.

Thanks also to YouTube for featuring it on Thanksgiving Day 2007, and most importantly, I want to thank TheFamousStacie. She brought this video to the attention of the powers that be so check out her channel.

Thanks to everyone and a Happy Thanksgiving :)

The song is used with permission
"Wild Turkey" by Ron Delano
Most of Ron's music has a soothing acoustical guitar sound. This is the only one that is remotely bluegrass.

Just to answer a few of the questions I've seen:
We like pumpkin pie so it wasn't wasted, yum.
It took about 6 hours to take the 380 pictures.
I don't have that much motivation so the movie's frame rate is from 2 to 10 frames per second but the majority is 6 frames per second.
The infamous item that appears and disappears at 50 seconds is a container of chicken for the little dog who has stomach cancer. The turkeys weren't the only one's who were hungry. I have to say that watching this mystery unfold in the comments was pretty entertaining. I guess it falls under the category of "you get what you pay for", lol.
The cat wasn't beaten, we sat it down and gave it a stern lecture, lol