Pt 1 The real story behind Aliens, Ufos, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism





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Published on Oct 3, 2009

The real story behind Aliens, Ufos, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism -- series by xendrius

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Sadly, this shit is real. Obama is the ultimate puppet. He was Kissinger's pet project. He is owned by these Elite. The Bushes are owned. The Clintons are owned. Reagan got out of line and nearly got killed. Kennedy was owned too.. then he got a moral compass... then he got a lead haircut. 
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marios manesis
thanks, great series and info
Nancy Gardner
Believe not what demons say for they are deciebtful liars with a charming smile . God is the truth the way and the light. And will always conquer all evil. No man in the whitehouse, a cult, with power, or dark intentions in this life will ever reign in victory in the afterlife come judgement day when they r face to face with their real creator their lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
if you Americans stand for 911 you will srabdard for anything. America will be a country of 300 million people pulling diwn their pants and getting fucked up the ass. after the Bush devil worshiping pedophiles you voted for Barry sortoro, that was,the governments black card. NEXT you will vote FOR the WOMEN card. hasn't this show jumped the shark.
Spirit Incognita
Ok first off i need to establish The ringleaders in this, There is the Rothschild family, and other members of the Illuminati and its other "Allies" who are all major players within the current 'Illuminati/ Dark kabal system", who have control over Mainstream Media, Mainstream Religions, as well as The Government and The Major banks and money. the Rothschild family Owns the American federal reserve ( a Privately owned bank) they have control over the entire education system and were involved directly with the titanic , the 9/11 attacks And the recent malaysian airlines Boeing 777 disappearance. The ONLY reasons they still cling to power is the web they have weaved and trapped people in, They have been in charge of shaping our reality and they have done it using nothing but lies,abuse,murder(including ritualistic Sacrifice), made up stories and genocide. Lets have a look at the Major Lie still most prominent in reality at present. Keep in mind the Collective consciousness of this planet, and how what it is focussed on is what gradually manifest into reality, and they are aware of how this has all worked in the past. The Lie Lucifer, one of the single biggest and most powerful false stories they created, Lucifer translates to "shining one, morning star, The Lightbringer" Now if we stop here and go back in time to jesus, and remember the Miracles he could perform, followed by his swift execution at the hand of the roman catholic church, who was tied in with the vatican. After they executed jesus they then began the horrible witch burning, (jesus showed people their true potential if they followed a path of spirituality and truth, witches were people who were getting better at uncovering their natural born powers and the church wanted none of that because the roman catholic church and all associated wanted total dominance of power, which they have achieved until now). This is where the Lies and Stories began relating to lucifer .. as jesus was killed, The roman catholic church Created Hell (yes they made it up) and they took the words and teachings of jesus and used them to gain their own power, while making jesus powerless to return to power as the entire World is Suppressing him, The Church and Associated families wanted world dominance. So in Summary. they created that entire story so that the World would know that Lucifer was the Devil and Evil, he was cast from heaven and had his wings taken (heaven being earth while he was alive that is what he was trying to do, bring heaven to earth and he is still trying!), well the only god that took his wings was a false god, and the real god wants to give him back his wings and power so hey may fulfill his puropose. the only reason the world has not seen the return of jesus is because they are stopping him, the truth here is what we focus on becomes reality and while we are all running around like lunatics trying to figure everything out the truth is, the solution is right in front of us we just haven't seen the truth of the situation , That Truth Being that Jesus is Lucifer and until Enough people know this truth we won't see any Huge changes, as peoples awareness grows so do the powers of the soul who was once Jesus and with his return to power comes the peoples return to power alongside him, he is on this planet at this time, waiting for enough people to come to the truth so he can begin to reclaim his powers and rise to help bring peace to this planet and all its people, we can help this archangel get his wings back, if the devil had never been created we would be in a much better place already and we sure as all buggery wouldn't be stuck in the situations most people on this planet are , theres a lot more people than there is government and we need to take action, and we don't even have to leave the house. all we have to do is share This knowledge with as many as we can, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain,worried about backlash for sharing? dont be u dont even have to acknowledge negativity cos, well jeez its not hard to ignore a few negative words online! who seriously cares if people reject what we say, They read the info, and whether they agree or not its now in their subconscious, so we have 2 lot sof allies even if some may think they are against it, plant seeds to grow magnificent forests, I personally believe with everything going on a lot will accept this info n even if they don't yet it will be ready for everyone If they change their minds, Also when this info reaches more Awakened ones sitting in higher vibrational planes it will also affect others within the mass consciousness, the big picture is its like a World Grid, the faster the truth spreads the faster we get to where we all want to be , a planet that embodies love peace unity respect equality and beauty , a heaven on earth... Thanks for your time Namaste. i would encourage you to share this with media networks etc anywhere you feel it could fit throww it out there. b4 any of u wanna lash out at my beliefs or start some religious debate, i don't care what u have to say, as i'm not religious, im my own being who found my own spiritual path which included parts of all religions and practices, there is truth if you look for it. Demons are creations of our own fear inflicted by this web of lies. they are the demons that inflict fear upon us in truth. FOCUS ON THE SOLUTION NOT THE PROBLEM.   ♥♥♥
Kissinger is The Eye
Amazing Vids, Alien Disclosure is closer than ever. The governments of this world can no longer cover the evidence.
Uncle Furball
Do NOT  stop to record those things you IDIOT!  If you see one of those freaky things - the best thing to do is whip out your gun and SHOOT AT IT immediately.  Do not let it near you! Do not try to interact with it. And whatever you do, do not believe all this faggy love and tellytubby hug BS the government has been feeding you lately. Anything in the air without express permission from VOTED Earth religious authorities is THE ENEMY.
What is Truth?
I catch REAL demons on camera. Watch them swim around the EMF like creepy serpents...! ~()()():~ ! https://youtu.be/c_h0kb59Aj8 REAL demons captured right here for anyone interested! and they're not what they seem..! ~()()():~ ! https://youtu.be/c_h0kb59Aj8 Many people misunderstand demons. The ones I see and have had taken out of me look like small swimming serpents! Check em out..! ~()()():~ ! https://youtu.be/c_h0kb59Aj8 Here are real demons by here..! ~()()():~ ! https://youtu.be/c_h0kb59Aj8
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