The Browncoat Anthem




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Published on Jun 23, 2011

The ORIGINAL Firefly/Serenity rap! :)

Be sure to check out "Can't Stop the Serenity!" If you're feeling charitable, they are a wonderful cause!!



Now let me tell you 'bout the greatest story told in the Verse,
Before some big wig execs drove it off in a hearse.
It takes place in space, so let's head out to the black
and be sure to tell your mama that you ain't coming back.
And come aboard our ship, we're rollin' Firefly class,
she'll get you where you need unless you run outta gas.
And now it's time to tell you all about the crew's identity
as you come aboard our shiny ship Serenity.
First up's Mal, captain of this motley crew.
Mess with him and by his pretty floral bonnet he'll end you.
Then there's Wash the pilot, he'll have you laughin' and smilin',
and if there's Reavers on your tail he'll pull a Crazy Ivan.
Zoe's first mate, no hate, never late, lookin' great,
big damn hero, keeps the crew from an ill fate.
Next is Jayne, bringin' the pain, makin' it rain,
he's the Hero of Canton, and he's fond of grenades.

You can take our love, you can take our land,
but if you're a Browncoat I wanna see you stand.
Firefly 'til we die we'll be fans to the grave,
Browncoats represent, we aim to misbehave!

Next is Simon and River, runnin' from the Alliance,
she can kill you with her brain, he can heal you with science.
Kaylee's the best mechanic, no matter how you spin it.
And as for Simon's heart you know she's gonna Kaywinnit.
And Shepherd Book, secret past, he's a spiritual chap,
he won't kill, but he's fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps.
Inara, companion, but don't call her a whore,
beautiful and deadly, knows the use of a sword.
(use of a swhat?)
Got a job? They can do it, don't care much what it is.
As long as they can fly, they're the best in the biz.
But as with all great players, the haters gonna hate,
between Alliance and the Reavers, they've got a full plate.
Plus Badger, and Saffron, and Niska too,
two by two, Hands of Blue, yeah they're comin' for you!
But the crew takes it in stride, cause they're tough not flighty.
They've done the impossible and that makes them mighty.


Did a train job but it was whack,
then they got Bushwhacked,
dueled post-Shindig,
almost roasted like a pig,
goin' to the Special Hell,
famous in a town that smells,
outta air with no aid,
check a brain and get betrayed,
tortured with a sharp knife,
steal a gun with fake wife,
orange hat from Jayne's mum,
save a ranch and get some,
boarded by a deadly killer,
scared him with a ghost River,
so much action out in space,
this show could never be replaced!

But the show gets cancelled, in a great epic fail.
Curse you FOX, for your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
The fans were shocked, and they let out their cries,
Firefly's just too pretty for God to let it die!
And as with any good ship, love kept her afloat,
and Joss Whedon gave us one final ride in the boat.
They can burn the land, they can boil the sea,
but at least we got Serenity.

(Modified CHORUS)
You can take our love, you can take our land,
but if you're a Browncoat I wanna see you stand.
It's such a great series, we'll always want more,
we're a leaf on the wind, watch how we...


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