Obama: If you've been successful you didn't get there on your own





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Published on Jul 15, 2012

The Campaigner in Chief at a campaign stop in Roanoke. He tells business owners that they did not build it, that someone else built the business. Successful people did not become successful through their hard work.

Obama at a campaign stop in Roanoke Va tells successful people that they did not get there on the their own. And he tells business owners that they did not build the business, that someone else did it. Oh the sheer unmitigated gall, audacity, and condescension from the Complainer in Chief. Who is he to tell the successful and wealthy that they did not become successful by the sweat of their brow? He is community organizer who has never, for one day, held a real job. He repeatedly is invoking the name of Bill Clinton (who by the way hates Obama) because Obama cannot run on his failed record as President. Economic growth is pitiful, unemployment is 8.2% and it hit double digits even with the stimulus. In reality if we count all the people who have stopped looking it is double digit unemployment. This whole idea that someone became successful not on their own merits but because someone helped is just another example of the Socialist Marxist Collectivist Communist Big Government rhetoric that Obama and people like him believe in

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Michael M
My father has his own business he's 61 and works 18 hours a day 7 days a week, and these banks not borrowing a $, my pops came from communist Bulgaria in the 70s, tell my dad he didn't build that, I'm not a republican or democrat but Obama is a socialist scumbag,
Spoken like a true communist
Damn communist obama
who the fuck thumbs this up?
Eddie Eee
+dwc311 morons and lieberals
antonio titus
Well who did build most companies? Was it the customers or the owner. Or was it is the investors and the owner?
Just because someone got inspiration from somewhere else doesn't mean that they didn't become successful on their own. It's like I invent time travel, and then someone tells me that I didn't build it because I got "help" or "inspiration" from back to the future. So what a great teacher might have "helped" you along the way? You might owe your success to them in that they believed in you enough to support you, but it was YOU who took their aid and ran with it. YOU who forged your empire, not that teacher. Words do not exist in any dialect of any language that can even begin to describe the stupidity that accompanied the "someone else built those roads" comment. 
+vibrantZebra1 No one's talking about inspiration. Obama is talking about actual work that is done by a collective society to create oppurtunities for success. You can push yourself to become a successful business person, for example, but that does not change the fact that you needed teachers at every level of education to help you along. You needed auto workers, landscapers, contruction workers to create the facilities and utilities that you use. The principle that Obama argues for in economics is that no one in america gets rich without owing some credit to the rest of society, so it's wrong to think that poor middle class citizens should have to stay poor just because they didnt work as hard or arent as smart as people that become rich. You become rich because you're given oppurunities that not everyone else gets, it's not because you're better than everyone else. So it's important to give back to the country. That is the point.
keith steen
I wonder if when his girls come in from school, beaming over getting A's on their report cards, he shoots them down like this. Telling them "you didn't earn that, someone else made that happen". Great fathers encourage and reward effort and accomplishment; Great leaders do the same.
Ritch Ritch
How about your destitute younger brother Obama? Did you ever think to help him? After all, he IS your brother. What about your destitute nanny, Evie, who lives in fear of his life? You know, your cross-dressing nanny? Have you ever thought to look up the person who cared for you and looked after you when you were a child?
"If you've got a business, you didn't build that.  Somebody else made that happen."  The scariest and most sobering moment of a shaky presidency.
Sokami Mashibe
+Drew The fruits of many workers labor have to be appropriated in order for a single person to become "successful". this is called a hierarchy, and it is based off of coercion and runs off of other peoples labor and the workers aren't even allowed the full, 100% fruits of it. In a non-hierarchical mode of production the workers would voluntarily collaborate with each other, vote on decisions - maybe elect a council, and own the fruits of their labor. the burden of proof is on those that suggest hierarchies are legitimate and or are good for those that have to live at the bottom of them. The very existence of hierarchies was a result of force. Just because they were perpetuated today does not make them legitimate.
Everybody's going around telling you you can't make it. If you're successful you owe it to yourself.
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Marlyn DeQueen
well said!
+Sokami Mashibe Dude if you hate your job it's your fault. If you love your job and you're making money, that's thank's to both yourself and your employer. If you hate your job it's own you. by the way, cooperations are bullshit. The person who knows how to make everything the best is the one who should be at the top. Compare companies that use some kind of democracy with a competitor who it's one person that takes the decisions. One has a clear advantage. The reason for that is simple: One person is smarter than all the others. If everyone has a say, automatically the company can't be at it's full potential. If multiple people are extremely smart then they should be the ones at the top taking the decisions and nobody else. If I'm wrong companies where there's one owner would fail while companies where everyone has a say would succeed. Similar to natural selection, which is basically the same principle except applied to businesses, we can clearly see that it's not working. For that to work you'd need 50 entrepreneurs all working as the boss of the same company. There's no rain of good entrepreneurs. And again, whoever owns the company can abuse you or make you very successful and very. So "blabla it's bad" is bullshit.
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theresa bollman
No Barack, YOU never did anything on your own, and you know exactly what we're taking about. But MOST of us who have built something or made something of ourselves, with God's help...have done  it in spite of the government not because of it. And we didn't do it sitting on our fat butts waiting for Welfare checks either...we WORKED HARD!
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