10 Curious Facts About London





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Published on Jul 5, 2012

10 Curious Facts About London

With the Olympics fast approaching, here are 10 curious facts about this year's host city.

Music = London Boogie by Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock and Ellie Kidd

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Hinata Hajime
I have another fact, I learned this one in class. The tower known as 'Big Ben', is actually named 'St. Steven's' (or Stephen, I don't remember). The bell is Big Ben.
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Why do I have the Idea that most of those tourists went to London mainly to mess with the royal gaurds.
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ArwenImladris1 Findlay
I'm English, but the last time I went to London on a school trip with my fellow students, people kept starring at us because we were the only English speaking and English students in sight. I really do feel like a foreigner in London as it's so populated by other cultures. I'm not a racist, but our boarders are becoming a joke. 
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How is driving on the right a "privilege"? Our cars are designed to drive on the left. It seems more of a pain in the arse if anything!
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howard c
Lol all these americans bashing the uk.let's just say your country and the language that you speak woudn't exist without us ...end of. And to all the people saying london isn't multicultural uhm yeah it is.I'm jamaican and i live in london there are so many different races here it's unbelievable. Most of the people in my school aren't even english.most of the kids .a list of the countries my friends are from.poland,phillipines,jamaica, canada, barbados,somalia,turkey,spain,denmark,china,japan,nepal,azerbaijan,kenya,ghana,ethiopia,egypt,algeria,morrocco,yemen,congo and the list goes on so there you go.americans ,don't believe the stereotypes you see on the media.barely anyone is posh or cockney anymore 
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Michael Williams 2 weeks ago I'm a Brit. I'd like to thank the USA for inventing the Internet, cars, trains, trees, clouds, fireworks, the Kremlin, oceans, mountains, guns, fountain pens, liquorice, shoes, hair, jeans, magazines, lemons, melons, ships, cake, clowns and air. The rest of the world is eternally grateful, keep up the good work, i'm also a Brit and fully agree with Michael Williams but he did forget to add water to the list of thing we should be thanking the good "old" US of A for.
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t m
Can't everybody just get along?
Blind man's bluff
Not gonna lie but London used to be a city to be proud of but not anymore...
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Ali G
You can go to london and play Spot The White Guy and the last time i played it took me 10 mins (not trying to be racist but...)
Louis Edwards
33% thats a lie? more like 70% fuuuuck me so many polish people not trying to be mean or anything but london is full of them...
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