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Published on Mar 30, 2012

"He's really so gorgeous." Faith sat down next to me and groaned as I propped my head up on my hands, staring across the cafeteria at the one and only Anthony Richards.

And she was right: he was absolutely stunning. There wasn't one person in the whole neighborhood who disagreed.

"Guys," Lily said, sitting down next to me. "He's leaving in a week. We have to do something."

"Like what, Lil?" I sighed and poked at the pizza on my plate.

Faith shook her head and her blue eyes went distant. "I don't know. But Lily's right. We have to do something."

"Oh yeah, let's gang-bang him." Lily rolled her eyes. "Us getting within a five inch radius of Anthony Richards is unrealistic."

"If one of us just went up and tried to--"

Faith busted out laughing, and Lily joined her. "Are you crazy, Riss?" Faith gave me a serious look. "He's not someone you just walk up and talk to. Look at the people around him. THEY'RE even gorgeous."

"Not more gorgeous than him."

"Well obviously." Faith scoffed. "We're crazy for considering even trying."

For someone with the name Faith, she had none. (And, of course, I didn't have any faith either. But hey, it was worth a try.) Anthony was transferring to a school in Delaware next week. No one exactly knew why he was leaving, but his brother Reese wasn't going with him. (Reese was a senior and Anthony was only a junior, so Reese wanted to stay for the rest of the year. We knew that, but not why Anthony was leaving. We thought maybe he got kicked out and had a week's notice.)

"I went to the game on Friday," Lily said. "He wasn't there. He must've really got kicked off the team."

Faith shoved another forkful of salad in her mouth. "When you get a physical and they find cocaine in the quarterback's piss, I'm pretty sure they're not gonna keep him on the team."

"It was NOT cocaine!"

"I heard they found heroin."

"Can you find heroin in someone's piss?"

"I guess so."

Obviously none of us knew what we were talking about, and neither did the people who started the rumors about Anthony. He wasn't like that. He didn't shoot heroin or snort cocaine or any of that. He was a teenager. Of course he was going to smoke weed once in a while with his friends, and yeah, he drank every so often, but he wasn't a junkie like everyone made him sound. At least I didn't think so, anyway. Hell, he couldn't have been. He was gorgeous--no way he was on drugs that badly.
A week or so passed. By then, Anthony was gone and that day in the cafeteria was the last time I'd seen him. My friends and I kept talking about him. I guess when they say, "Out of sight, out of mind," they've never been in our situation.

"I miss him."

"Lil, you never spoke to him a day in your life." Faith sighed and sat down on my bed, kicking her shoes off. "But I have a reason to miss him! I actually talked to him."

"Please, 'Sorry, I accidentally on purpose spilled mustard all over the back of your shirt so you would take it off,' isn't exactly talking to him."

Faith scoffed. "It was ketchup, and that's not what I said!"

I laughed and sat down. "Well, whatever it was--"

"Riss, do you know where mommy put her car keys?" My brother Stephen walked in the room, his eyes slowly making their way to my friends who were practically drooling over him. "Oh. Hey."

In sync, Lily and Faith waved to him.

"Yeah, they're by the door."

"Wanna go for a ride?"
Ahhh, it feels so weird to start a new series! :) I posted the "almost kind of" trailer yesterday, so if ya wanna learn more about what's coming, go watch it. :D Enjoy, the next one'll be posted soon! xx


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