Super Smash Bros Brawl - Jigglypuff's Lullaby of DEATH (Sing Compilation)





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Published on Aug 10, 2012

No, this isn't "Rexy Returns to Brawl Month" :P Though, to be fair I DO feel inclined to go through the SSE again.

Either way, I felt inclined to do a little experiment with Brawl earlier this week. Having ran into a compilation of Jigglypuff singing his opponents to sleep on the original Super Smash Bros, it made me think "why isn't there one for the other games o_O", and so I felt inclined to run this experiment through Brawl and see what comes out.

So yeah... character sleeping sounds in Brawl, going from left to right and top to bottom on the Character Select screen. Apparently you can also knock them out with throwing Bellossom out of a Poke Ball, or using either Luigi's or Peach's Final Smashes. But for me, taking Jigglypuff into training mode (or a 2-Player Brawl in the case of Sheik, Zero Suit Samus and the Pokémon trio) is the quickest bet for me.

Jigglypuff's Sing (Up+B) works a little differently in the SSB sequels; while in the original they'll sleep longer with less damage taken, in follow-up games the inverse is true. Hence why at the start I'd set the opponent's damage count to a dangerously high level.

And it's all in Onett because hell yeah Earthbound :3

Time slots:

0:36 - Mario
0:51 - Donkey Kong
1:09 - Link
1:28 - Samus
1:45 - Zero Suit Samus
2:15 - Kirby
2:26 - Fox
2:38 - Pikachu
2:46 - Marth
2:56 - Mr. Game & Watch
3:09 - Luigi
3:20 - Diddy Kong
3:29 - Zelda
3:42 - Sheik
4:00 - Pit
4:10 - Meta Knight
4:23 - Falco
4:32 - Ivysaur
4:52 - Charizard
5:06 - Squirtle
5:23 - Ike
5:35 - Snake
5:53 - Peach
6:04 - Yoshi
6:16 - Ganondorf
6:28 - Ice Climbers
6:41 - King Dedede
6:55 - Wolf
7:12 - Lucario
7:26 - Ness
7:35 - Sonic
7:46 - Bowser
7:56 - Wario
8:23 - Toon Link
8:32 - ROB
8:55 - Olimar
9:11 - Captain Falcon
9:23 - Jigglypuff itself lol
9:35 - Lucas

Some additional notes:
* Ended up doing Donkey Kong twice because I thought he sounded too much like the cars that passed by.
* Samus (with the suit on) and Olimar appear to be the quietest sleepers.
* Some characters have their sleeping sounds overlapping, thus going in for artiicial loudness (at least in the European version). It's most noted with Kirby, Snake, Sonic and Squirtle.
* Mr Game & Watch's is the cutest for me :3 Closely followed by ROB. What do I have with robots anyway?
* Sheik got done twice because it wouldn't get out of the bloody way xD
* Meta Knight's apparently sounds the most realistic...
* IMO, King Dedede has the loudest snore. Sounds like the bloody Halberd taking off!!
* Wario's makes me laugh! :P
* Lucas's... just doesn't FIT him at all for some reason. I don't get it...

And there we be. I'll get back to the music front soon-ish but for now, enjoy the filler :P


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