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Published on Jul 23, 2012

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The 2008 Beijing Olympics Games helped win eyeballs for
the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
However, a set of photos circulating on the internet showed

most of these Olympic venues are now deserted and
left with no maintenance.
Commentators say, the CCP used the 2008 Beijing Olympics
as vanity projects to glorify itself,
but brought a nightmare to the Chinese people in reality.

The "Bird's Nest", designed by Chinese renowned artist
Ai Weiwei, was a symbol of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
In contrast to being the sensation of the year, it is now idle.

Tourists only take photos outside the construction, giving up
an expensive interior visit that charges 50 yuan per person.

A total of 37 gorgeous stadiums were built for the 2008
Beijing Olympics, with estimated costs of 290 billion yuan.
The figure is four times that of
this year's London Olympics.

Early in March, Ai Weiwei told Japanese media that
he felt regret over designing the "Bird's Nest".
The 2008 Beijing Olympics is a CCP's propaganda tool,
"a stage for glorifying itself ", said Ai Weiwei.

Yang Weidong, Beijing-based independent filmmaker,

said that the 2008 Games brought nothing more than
a nightmare to the Chinese people.

Yang Weidong: "How many gold medals won have nothing
to do with ordinary citizens who just hope for a stable life.
Whose money did you splash out (for the Games)?

They were not of your CCP, but the hard-earned money of
citizens, the taxes we've paid."

Today, the majority of the 2008 Olympics venues are idle.
The Water Cube was converted into a public water park, charging 200 yuan per ticket.
The contractor planned to make sales of 3,000 tickets daily,
but would not disclose actual sales figures.
You don't need to line up for a water slide, he said.

Canoe Stadiums, beach volleyball courts,
bicycle motocross venues, baseball stadiums,
and other venues have all been deserted
and ignored for maintenance since the Closing Ceremony.

Chinese netizens commented, "The feast was held for the
organizers and participants to take whatever they wanted."
"The venues still need maintenance money even if left for
public use,
so it would be better locked and closed to
security expenditure."

Gong Shengli, China's financial think-tank researcher, said

all international events held by CCP authorities were vanity
projects for attracting eyeballs but offered nothing for citizens.

Gong Shengli: "Over past 62 years, China's (CCP) regime
has spent money earned by the civilians,
but has deprived them of the power to have final say on it.

That is unprecedented in all countries with the rule
of law in this world."

Gong Shengli attributes the Olympics venues' idleness
to lack of legal continuity in China's Constitution.
One generation of the CCP leadership
only care their own tenures.

Gong Shengli: "The (CCP's) Constitution basically equals zero.

It means that in China, all public issues handlings and role of
legal process are decided by the incumbent leaders.
And their successors largely will not involved in the decisions
made by the predecessors."

Reportedly, 31.8 billion yuan were thrown into the
construction of 2008 Olympic venues, including working capital.
Another 71.3 billion yuan were spent on
the environmental cleanup costs.
Around 180 billion yuan were spent
on road infrastructures.

Yang Weidong says that the actual and the subsequent
costs were beyond the CCP's consideration,
as it aimed to tout its political achievements by
holding the best Olympic Games in the world.

Yang Weidong: "How long is such a iconic building to be built
for use? At least 100 years, OK, let's say it's only 60 years.
Then how much maintenance costs
would there be in those 60 years?
The taxes we paid have been spent on
these maintenance costs,
who ever asked our permission beforehand?"

Gong Shengli says, it is thought provoking that such huge
image projects only dismissed former Beijing Vice Mayor Liu Zhihua.
There has since never been any news reported on
the CCP official corruption linked to the 2008 Olympic Games.

On July 21, the heaviest rainstorm in 61 years fell
on Beijing.
The submerged city suffered ten hours of torrential
downpour, caused dozens of deaths and an economic loss of nearly ten billion yuan.
The news unleashed a flood of Chinese public criticism
on the internet.
A netizen asked, "how could a modern international city that

spent tens of millions yuan to hold the Olympic Games
build such vulnerable ground water drainage works?"



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