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Published on May 14, 2012

You need to think about this. Good luck http://wellaware1.com for the answers.

H/T to Andrew Breitbart who hits the jackpot once again!
He has gotten his hands on almost 4,000 pages of emails from a Google discussion group showing that socialist/anarchist groups such as MoveOn.org, SEIU, American Dream, AFL-CIO, CPUSA and others were involved from the start.

http://www.nhteapartycoalition.org/te... If you find the information you just viewed helpful, please consider donating so we can continue investigating and holding these actors feet to the fire. You can do so at this link http://wellaware1.com/support_us.shtml

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@lonestarskywatcher I am for reform but not when the movement is funded by the 1% that they claim they want to hold accountable. There is a conflict of interest that cannot be over looked. but is so that will be their fault because the evidence is clear. as clear as moveons chairman of the board standing in the front row dead center as they start over the bridge. Eli Pasirer but guess who is not there when they get arrested? hahahahha
Next step is Stuxnet 2.0
@nhteaparty yes. they know that all they need to do is stage a few events and the media will make the movement look like its bigger than it really is and that attracts the easily fooled into taking part in is and they they can leave the rest of the act in the hands of the Provocatores to complete the destruction of our civil liberties when they act out simultaneously in all the cities causing them to ban all public gathering for the purpose of protest in the future. So they think.
@nhteaparty no prob
@34sunbunpart2 Sorry if you feel like you have to be a computer geek to be smart. I was only referring to the "Ctrl +" thats all. But if you feel that way about yourself I cant help you. As for the followers, Im not here to get followers, Im here to present the fact to others so they can investigate for themselves. As for the world is a stage, to say its not would be crazy. The world to most is a little box in their living room with flashing lights. Thats the truth.
@TankBatallion2 Im afraid the mainstream media will have noting to do with me due to their involvment with the entire problem. If they were to give me creditibility in their eyes that would cause problems for them in the long run. They theorize about questions, I bring physical evidence and name names. That part they dont like because they see it as possibly getting a law suit thrown at them. Me I see it as validation that noone has tried. They know what would hapen if they tried.
@dallasgoldbug sorry not a computer geek..guess that makes me dumb..also thought since the people are dramatic they could be just putting their hands back as they do things like purposely getting arrested..your theorys are interesting but it seems like the world is a stage to you. plus I would be a follower if I didnt question some of your theorys. that would be the thing to do in any case.
@34sunbunpart2 wrong and if you were smart you would know hoe to enlarge it yourself while you watch it
rock etman
Have you heard of Van Jones?? Check out this clip. This has been planned and the people have been training for at least 7 months. I could hear these people talking to each other , pretending to be average protestors to us, but very much following a script and plan of action and having a tight knit crew controlling the crowd. watch?v=0zHbsTNNLBU If your not paying attention, it seems quite innocent, like a good make-shift protest but it is far from that.
Truthistreason intheEmpireofLies
Bankster and CIA schills are all over the place.
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