Crazy Caller #28 - Jesus Turns Grown Men Into Helpless Children - Atheist Experience 369





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Published on Aug 14, 2011

Seriously, this is what Jesus will do to a grown man. In order to believe any of the BS that Tony is on about, you have to be emotionally, and intellectually stunted. It is exactly what you would expect from someone trying to convince a child who does not understand logic and reason yet. Are we children? I feel kinda mean for saying this, but honestly, it makes me sick. Ashley Perrien and Martin Wagner host this clip from The Atheist Experience #369 - http://www.atheist-experience.com

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Ending Comments/Audio - George Carlin from "You Are All Diseased"

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Is it me, or do people sound really creepy when they talk about their "relationship" with Jesus?
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Or when they say "jesus touched me"
scott miller
Your imaginary god also advocates the keeping of slaves, who are to be soundly beaten as needed, so long as they do not die from said beatings within 2 days. PHUCK you Jay John, and your hate-spewing cult of madness.
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This caller is just so willing to be a hopeless slave to his imaginary friend its pathetic
Phil Rabe
More christian hypocrisy? It's fine for them to feel sorry for atheists and want to proselytize, but if we want to help them 'see the truth of reason' we're Attacking their faith and trying to tear them down... hum?
Barbara Manor
latiasgdcm - You put this perfectly! I was sort of wondering how someone can be mentally so crippled and I do feel so sorry for the caller. I wonder how he even functions day in day out...being so simple minded. He cannot stop ranting the same BS again and again as if in fear that if he stops for just a moment the devil will take away his security blanket and he had to come up with his own thoughts on ethics and morals and show responsibility for life! Btw, I wonder how he feels about the bible and slavery...
Paul J
Knock knock. Who`s there? Jesus. What do you want? Let me in. Why? I want to save you, because I love you. What do you want to save me from? All the weird shit I`m going to do to you, if you don`t let me in.
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William Roy
ye first time I heard it too, good stuff, made me chuckle
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Oh God, this caller's entire speech about Jesus gets more homoerotic sounding as he goes on XD "You have to know what Jesus tastes ...he needs to reveal himself to you..."
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ovidiu dans
AND he mentioned like 4 times about his "relationship" with god.
Andrew Sykes
+greyeyed123 Good point! I have a theory as to why Christianity is so obsessed with sex and sexuality. If you can control what people do I'm their bedrooms, then you can control everything they do in their lives.
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The more I hear him talking about his "relationship" with Jesus, the more I think this man is fantasizing about being romantically involved with him.
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Feno 3000
+CJCRoen1393 Fifty Shades of Pray!
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Mari Jehangir
All I'm hearing when this guy speaks : "Oh Jesus give it to me Daddy. I'm a naughty boy, ram me with your holy appendage nuts deep. "
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Feno 3000
+Mari Jehangir You make his rambling word salad sound MUCH too coherent.
bob Soler
Mari Jehangir all I'm thinking when I see your profile pic is "please goddess, I am on my hands and knees please slap me and let me be your slave and take all my money"
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''He died for you, then was raised back from the dead'' You really can't call that a sacrifice if you are brought back to life.
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Gidgit Digit
+Alduin the bedwetter U mad?
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John Jamele
Born-Agains like this caller are the worst. It's not enough that they are religious, they need to gush on and on about how SuperAwesomeAmazingOverwhelming their "relationship" with their imaginary friend is, as if they feel a constant need to convince themselves that all the energy they are putting into this empty one-way "relationship" really is worthwhile. I'm sure this guy just shut his brain off when the hosts were talking and just waited for a pause so he could go back to preaching. After the four-minute mark, the caller does a great deal of projection in which he basically admits that he was a materialistic jerk unhappy with his life until he fell into the hands of his particular cult, which told him how "empty" that life was with Jesus and Happy Fairy Land.
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+John Jamele Born again? Well, excuse me for getting it right the first time! ;)
+John Jamele Excellent point. H8 born-again straight people...like the miserable scumbag from NA who, when I told him that I thought that total abstinence was unrealistic for me, said "You're in denial-you're deluded...etc. etc.". This...from a guy supposed to help people in a vulnerable situation.
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John Swanson
Suck Jesus dick already damn.
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Phil Rabe
Eating the wafer and the wine IS cannibalism, ritualized in the protestant vein, but they believe it Literally in the Catholic version. It even has a magic name: "Transubstantiation" [WOW! 6 syllables!!]
That's exactly what I'm hearing. TASTING Jesus? It sounds like something from a "South Park" episode. Either that or he's advocating cannibalism...oh wait, that would be necrophilia.
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Ris Kentb
Idiots say, "God gives us free will" but if u don't love him, you would suffer in hell, forever.
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Ris Kentb
Man created God. A God would not tell people to do anything. A God would not cause war. A God would want only peace for everyone. If there was a God, He would tell the whole world His messages and not 'send' a messenger. If there was a God, and He tells the whole world that He is God, there would be only 1 religion, as people would then believe. Sending messengers is the cause of the problems, a God can't be that dumb.
Matthew F. (Romans 6:23)
+Ris Kentb Thank you! :) Once again I cannot say it better than this: : http://www.gotquestions.org/war-Bible.html Please read the whole thing carefully. (Seriously this website is amazing!)
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