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Published on Mar 6, 2012

This is a fanmade movie trailer for a movie based on the first Mass Effect video game by Bioware and Electronic Arts.
Special thanks to Youtube user EnterprisezJ for providing the Mass Effect Relay from his video "SR-2 Normandy Near My House".
The materials were provided by the following sources.

Mass Effect 1 and 2
Missions to Mars
Red Planet
Transformers 3
Galaxy Quest
G.I. Joe
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Men in Black 2
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Dragonball: Evolution
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The 5th Element
Space Battleship Yamato
Wing Commander
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
District 9
Star Trek (2009)
I Robot
SR-2 Normandy Near My House
Halo 3: ODST Live Action Trailer
I Am Legend
The Italian Job (2003)

MUSIC: "My Name is Lincoln" - The Island OST, "Normandy Reborn" - Mass Effect 2 OST, "The Game Has Changed" - Tron Legacy OST, "Mind Heist" - Inception OST, "Vigil" - Mass Effect OST,

Nearly every piece of footage used was from an existing LIVE-ACTION movie or trailer. I only used video game footage to portray Wrex and Garrus. A single frame from the ME1 launch trailer for the logo at the end. All were combined with live-action footage using Premiere Pro and After Effects.

***This is an independent, non-profit, artistic expression created purely for fun and is in no way connected to, or endorsed by EA, Bioware, Legendary Pictures, Warner Brothers, or any other entertainment company.***

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FilmSchool FallOut
Pinned by FilmSchool FallOut
I have a twitter now(on the channel banner and in the description of all my vids) ... you can follow it for updates on my upcoming videos... including the new Mass Effect 3 trailer. I'm actually doing work on this channel now... like honest to god, full-on, balls to the wall, REAL WORK... so it wouldn't be a bad idea to start followin me... cuz things are gonna start happening.
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Macie Jay
I think mass effect has the potential to out do star wars!
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Red Thorn
Jim Caviezel as Commander Shepard? Awesome choice in fan casting.
FilmSchool FallOut
Hey guys, I know a lot of you have been waiting a looong time for the ME3 trailer and I'm sorry it's taken this long. I've had a lot on my plate for a long time and I just wanna say that I am now putting this at the top of my priority list. Thank you for your patience and your support over the years, it means the world to me.
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T-800 Model 101
All this bitching about Male Shep or Fem Shep and which should be used in the movie and which love interest should they have. Well how about you use them both, Male Shep is the main man (as it should be) with the same back story as default Shepard of the game and Fem Shep... is actually his smoking hot wife. PROBLEM SOLVED!
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Juha-Matti Hovatov
2 Shepards, brother and sister. Other is a paragon, other is a renegade (not an all out killer/asshole though, but one who will cut corners and kill to get the job done) and that causes some conflict between them. And the renegade one might get killed like in the ME2 start, and then Illusive Man rebuilds him and starts to slowly turn the renegade one against the paragon one. Stuff happens, they recruit people along the way, eventually battling alongside each other and take down Cerberus. Since BioWare is obviously pushing for Liara to be the main LI, i guess she will be the LI for one, i'm thinking the male one 'cause OMG LESBIANS IN A MAINSTREAM ACTION FILM so the film studio ain't gonna go through with it. Although the asari don't have a specific gender but somehow look like females. Have Garrus for the female one, or don't, but one romance is gonna be there. Make them soldiers at first, but the one who dies and is rebuild by Cerberus gets the implants/upgrades and is one of the other classes. Make their origin a mix, born on earth but their parents fought in the first contact war and so they followed along them to space and enlisted when they were adults. A montage over the opening credits should cover their military career, so we can get to the main plot quickly and they are already commanders. (Although 2 commanders at one ship, don't know how that would work) And at the end of it all, female or the male sacrifices her/himself to destroy the reapers. Make it mostly a good ending, like krogan race prevails and Wrex is their leader and has them in line so even though they reproduce they won't going to start fucking around and fighting everyone, geth and quarian are at peace but have some of the people die, like Jack's students and Anderson, and maybe both Ash and Vega. Kaidan could possibly die setting off the nuke, but they would need to build his character up to make audiences care. The one Shep who lives hangs the brother/sister Shep's name on the memorial wall. Cut to the future: Old Shep and Old Love Interest are walking their kid and tellings tales of The Shepard, the dead one. I'm thinking MaleShep could die, so Liara has his baby and tells the baby about his father who got KIA but saved everyone, or have FemShep make a baby with her LI and then tell the baby tales about his brother. Or MaleShep tells his baby stories about his sister. Or have FemShep pregnant at some point, (although 9 months pregnant don't know how she could still be fighting out there) and as her baby grows up, her mother has become a legend for sacrifcing herself to save the galaxy. Dead characters: FShep (Destroy ending), Kaidan (nuke), Ash (suicide mission maybe), Vega (KIA in ME3), Mordin (Krogan cure), Jacob (KIA, suicide mission), Thane (Kai Leng), Illusive (like in ME3 or at the end of 2nd film to change things up), Saren (maybe make him regain control and make a final turn for good and destorying sovereign), Anderson (like in ME3), Legion (uploading the code to overwrite Geth like in ME3, dont remeber the excat scene), Udina (like in ME3), Samara (have her explode in a tsunami of biotic wave or something to buy the team some time or something dunno) Alive: MShep, Wrex, Grunt, Kasumi, Jack, Miranda, Garrus, Tali, Liara, Hackett, EDI, Joker, Zaeed, Javik, Cortez Don't wanna list all characters, would otherwise be here all fucking night. Kelly Chambers and the crew got killed in the Suicide mission. Council survives the Sovereign attack but dies eventually in the final film. Make some of the clothing less stupid and make more sense, like Samara's who is running around in full cleveage or Miranda's outfit, give her some sort of armor. Jack too. I mean running around in alien planets fighting around with just a belt to cover your tits, c'mon. No camel toe for EDI (in ME3, seriously, google it if ya interested) and remove the Joker-EDI romance, i found that too creepy and ridicilous. And give the females proper armor that don't have a pronounced boob shape. You don't see that in the real military. But include the asari strippers/dancers, cuz y not. Oh and the reporter gets punched. Incorporate Kasumi and Zaeed DLC to the film, no Omega DLC, but have Aria in Omega scenes, Citadel party maybe as a comic relief, From Ashes too, dunno about Leviathans, could be cool to see them in the end and turn the tide on the reapers, allowing one Shep to hop inside the citadel. Arrival DLC dunno, maybe as an after credits teaser, having scientist recover some reaper tech and then they get indoctirnated and then the big bad starts speaking in an epic voice something like WE WILL BLACK OUT THE SKY or something. CAST: Male Shep: Jim Caviezel/Scott Adkins/Michael Fassbender/Matthew Fox/Christian Bale/Philip Winchester (check Strike Back TV show), can't decide, Fem Shep: Kathryn Winnick (color her hair)/Rose Leslie/Rachen Nicols/ScarJo (color their also, and get jacked like a soldier). Or Emil Blunt with an american accent. She pretty much was like Shepard in Edge of Tomorrow, a female kicking ass and taking names an also in shape. Garrus: Zac Quinto maybe? Matthew McCounaghey has that nice smooth voice as Garrus, altough he needs to get rid of his accent for this role. Watch True Detective scenes of him talking in the interrogation room, imagine that without the accent. Tali: Gal Gadot (has a little bit of foreign accent, a little post processing and there you have that voice) this role is about the voice, since her face shuold be revealed only in the end Miranda: Yvonne Strahovski with black hair (Obvious choice) Illusive Man: Michael Sheen, altough make him lose a couple of pounds, no offense, William Fitchner might pull it off, although a wig is needed, his hairline has receeded a bit Zaeed: Manu Bennet (has same-ish accent, is jacked and can potray a badass. Or Kevin Durand, looks like him. Or Jason Statham, he could fill the role of an ass kicking, gun shooting, cigar smoking brit person. Kai Leng: Byung Hun Lee. No racist or anything, not familiar with other asian actors who can do kung fu(altough he spoke with perfect english in ME3) Jack: Jena Malone/Rooney Mara/Katee Shackoff, all can potray the crazy type well(or Megan Fox, google Megan Fox Mass Effect, she looks just like her if she was bald with tatttoos. Or N.Portam from V Vendetta) Thane: Mark Strong (has that nice voice like Thane) Hackett: Lance Henrikesn (has the looks and the voice, like in the game) Aria: Carrie Ann Moss (same voice, makeup can do wonders here) Liara: Gemma Arterton could be. Olivia Wilde perhaps? Or maybe she with her unique facial shape and eyes could fit for Tali better. Grunt: Somebody with a deep voice, this role would be done through mocap most likely or CGI, James Earl Jones?? Vin Diesel? Sylvester Stallone? They kind of have the voice Wrex: Same as above, maybe David Haysbert as the voice? Altough he and Jones are  both black. Tony Todd?? Kasumi: Blink from X-Men DoFP?? Fan Bingbing i think was her name, or Kelly Hu Mordin: Mocap, but Steve Buscemi as the voice, i think who could be a good fast talker Anderson: Keith David. Has the voice, but doesn't really look like him, maybe someone younger, David Palmer from 24 if he doesn't go to Wrex/Grunt Legion: No idea, Andy Serkis? He is the mocap king Sovereign/Harbringer: Cumberbatch maybe, with the Smaug voice?? Or Josh Brolin with the Thanos voice from GoTG. Saren: Hugo Weaving? Some of that The Matrix-MrSmith vibe to this role, i think it could work. Or Alan Rickman. Jason Isaacs too Joker: Seth Green obv. EDI: Tricia Helfer obv. mo cap the body and have her voice Kaidan: Colin Donnell. Aaron Taylor Johnson. Adam Rodriguez?? No idea about this one. Vega: Joe Mangoniello, although he isn't kind of the latino type.Or The Rock? Or maybe Sucre from Prison Break. Or get Enrique Iglesias to the gym Javik: Djimon Hounsou. Mocap but check his voice in GoTG. Thats Javik. Samara: Dunno, Xena the Warrior maybe? Meaning Lucy Lawless? Or Lena Headey Ashley Williams: Evangeline Lily? Dunno, Gina Carano too, she can throwdown in a fight for real if needed. Zoe Saldana could work Jacob: Anthony Macke or Michael B Jordan maybe I think that covers the most important ones.again dont wanna be here all fucking night thinking about characters and actors. I think the stuff above could work as a film trilogy, don't know about the characters though, might become too crowded, but with proper build up of the characters it could work like the Avengers film, but have the Shepards as the main stars. Hans Zimmer for the soundtrack, don't know about the director. Christopher Nolan maybe, Interstellar was awesome regarding the space footage. Or the Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity director) or Neil Blokamp the District 9 director. BioWare as consultants, so they treat the characters right, and somebody who knows great scripts and cinematography. All though with the above cast and and directors, plus marketing and special effects and film sets required to do justice to the films it could be close to 300 million the cost. But this is just fantasy casting. Make the films somewhere around 2h30 or 3 hours, that way you have enough space to flesh out all the action and stuff, instead doing a 90 minute Jason Statham type of film where you move from the next punching scene to another. What do you think?
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Some of the actors I have in mind Stephen Amell as Shepard Benedict Cumberbatch as Saren Gal Gadot as Tali Chadwick Boseman as Jacob Steve Buscemi as Mordin Doug Jones as Thane(He is always wearing heavy makeup and costumes) William Fitchner as the Illusive Man(If Martin Sheen can't do it) Keith David as Anderson Seth Green as Joker Jane Levy as Kelly Byung Hun Lee as Kai Leng
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John Connor
Each game would need 3 movies a peace, or else there would be very little character development. 
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Saiyan Sweet
Mass Effect would make a good long Series.  It would take at around 9 movies to get through all 3 games, and that would be without Anomalies, and without most side quests.  I have long thought about how to make a movie series about this franchise, ad even have come up with movie titles for all 9 movies. Trilogy one 1- Mass Effect - Specter 2- Mass Effect - The Conduit  3- Mass Effect - Sovereign Trilogy two 1- Mass Effect - Lazarus Project 2- Mass Effect - Dossiers 3- Mass Effect - Suicide Omega 4 Trilogy three 1- Mass Effect - Leaving Earth 2- Mass Effect - Gathering of the Summit 3- Mass Effect - The Catalyst Bonus Movies 1- Mass Effect - Shadow Broker 2- Mass Effect - Leviathan Other DLC ties may work but wouldn't add a huge depth into the main story lines.  This includes retaking Omega, Citadel DLC, and other DLC's that sidetrack from the Game's goal, which is to stop the Reapers. From Ashes would work Greatly, because it introduces a character who has no limits to what he must do to destroy the Reapers, and can be implemented also with Zaeed, Kasumi, and of course Javik. The first series was known greatly for its role playing atmosphere and Dialog controlled interface, and had an amazing story.  Also planet wide searching for resources was a cool feature added.  If the first trilogy sticks with its main sotry plot on recruiting the Characters (Garrus, Wrex, Liarra, ect) and stays away from some side quests, then it would be a success.  As for the argument as to whom should live, Ashey or Kaiden, the answer is simple.  If its a male Shepard, it should be Ashley, if its a female Shepard, it should be Kaiden.  Although personally I believe in a movie setting that Shepard should have a romance with Liarra (because she can be with both sexes, and is a grat neutral) having the opposite sex would help set some drama throughout the other trilogies.  Stay on course and really get into the character development for the first three movies with some of the bigger leads and main characters, to hit us hard with the second and third trilogies. The second trilogy should focus also on main story only, and the recruitment of the Dossiers.  If it can be squeezed in MAYBE SOME loyalty missions can be added, but only the ones that would tie in well too the third trilogy, such as Mordin recovering reaserch data for genophage, and Miranda finding and helping her sister.  Grunts loyalty mission may also work, but all the others would not have a good tie into the third triolgy if you think about it.  Some may argue that Garrus's is needed, but him hunting down his old team traitor has no connection to the third game ( and the movies can still show him live regardless if a loyalty mission is present or not, its a movie.)  and the DLC's characters kinda blow away from the story all together.  The trip through the Omega 4 relay should be succesful with maybe one or two deaths of crew (if any at all, which may be better). Third trilogy needs to also follow the story line to the best of its ability.  Although most of Me3 Focuses on not just Reaper but Cerberus affliction, most of the Cerberus side missions should be avoided UNLESS it is to recover a past ME team mate (jack from grimson, Jacob with the Ex Cerberus) and some few others.  The main focus is the Reapers, and gathering the Summit, and building the Crucible/catalyst.   Citidel side missions such as artifact retrieval is completely unnecessary, and should be avoided, even if it does raise war assets. There is some of my thoughts and opinions on how Mass Effect should be done, and it is pretty reasonable if ypu ask me.
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