George Zimmerman Will Get Away With Murdering Trayvon Martin!





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Published on Mar 17, 2012

Zimmerman has endless Powerful/Racist people like himself paying for all his expenses (Hotels, Lawyer's fees, Bail fees, shopping spree expenses and more). With that type of clout, he will no doubt be free to continue to live his life as he pleases after the police & his lawyers put together the "perfect" self-defense case for the trial.

Zimmerman will never serve any Hardcore Prison time because the Law (and 50% of the world) is on his side even though he did everything wrong from the start in this horrible crime he committed. HE STALKED, PROVOKED & KILLED A TEENAGE BOY: TRAYVON MARTIN.

Zimmerman's father is an influential (Retired) Judge. I guarantee you he's getting the best treatment in that local Jail where he is being held. His lawyer will find a way to set him free as well; even though most of the evidence we've seen so far has proven his guilt. He was in protective services all this time he was in hiding and he will continue to have policemen watching over him 24/7.

We can only hope that George Zimmerman is in Jail indefinitely and hope he receives more than a few years in Prison without parole soon. It should be more than 10 years but that's just my "wishful thinking". BUT I HAVE A FEELING HE WILL GET AWAY WITH MURDER??

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teleise ingram
Was Trayvon the incredible hulk compared to the co-worker GZ harassed or the cop he attacked, were those men very short and skinny compared to the unarmed kid GZ murdered? Why didn't GZ fear death when he showed aggression towards those grown men, why was he so fearful of TM and didn't fight back like a tough wanna be cop should do, why did he feel his only way to survive was to shoot the kid? Why does GZ say he screamed for help, that's not something tough wanna be cops do unless it's fake
benjamin hayes
this shit happened to me. but thank GOD im still here. i was 15 years old selling candy in a white neighborhood, some white guy chased me to a public diner inside and around all the damn tables while im screaming "help" and all the fucking people were scared of me. wtf? i could have been killed. i had to run back outside and hide. i walked back in the diner an hour later and told all those people FUCK YOU" because you did nothing.
No death penalty?
i think he will go to prison, stand your ground law does not not apply, as he followed/stalked martin. Zimmerman was the aggressor. 
Alicia Banks
kudos!!! no sentence no peace!!!
The police chief is not a lawyer and was retarded in interpreting one section of the law and applying it to when Zimmerman shoots Trayvon. The law has several parts and the clock starts the second Zimmerman saw and profiled Trayvon and called 911 and the clock ends when Zimmerman shoots Trayvon. Prosecutors and judges know the law. Section 776.041 prohibits Zimmerman from using this law to claim self defense when he is the true first aggressor by following Trayvon and creating a confrontation. 
Trayvon Martin probably cried or help when he had a gun pointed at him. I know I would've especially when I'm around neighbors who would hopefully call 911. It's hard to see logic and the obvious when you allow your emotions to dictate how you want to see this case. To me, you're leaning towards zimmerman being innocent and therefore, even the obvious is being ignored. Is that fair?
steph brown
we can talk this or talk tht...race or no race, lets talk history...this been going on with minorities for a whlle now, give this punk-ass fool life or the death penalty, we aaaall know there was fowl play, you dnt have to be black to know this, shit his lawyers is just doing their jobs but hell even they should smell a rat when they see one...we're in 4 a pretty long trial it wont be no cake walk but justice will prevail...OR ELSE!
Raelin Hayes
I agree that it was 1st degree murder but we have to remember that other cases in history have tried people with the 1st degree charge and ended up being let go because that charge is so surious. Sometimes less is more! If Zimmerman was charged with 1st degree than the ruling may have found him innocent because of lack of evidence to sentence him to death. This happened in the Casey Anthony trial, they let her go because they couldn't sentence her to death. Prison for life seems appropriate.
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