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Published on Oct 18, 2011

SPOILER ALERT. Watch the ending of the next epic DC Comic game Batman: Arkham City. But seriously guys and gals, this is spoiler, don't watch it if you don't want anything to be SPOILED. You've been warned!

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The Fiddler
the moment you realized that batman carried joker outside but not talia.. lol.
An epic, epic ending to a masterpiece of a game. Truly emotional, truly bold and truly satisfying. I loved Asylum and loved Origins, but you can't beat City. It is the king of Batman games and the king of all superhero games hands down. Can't wait for Origins 2 and City 2 (hopefully called Gotham City).
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+Jammsbro Origins had a lot of problems going for it but it wasnt a bad game, but far inferior to the other asylum games. Arkham Knight is going to be the last in the Arkham series.  Based on the quality of Origins and Blackgate Arkham games, they seemed more like an afterthought trying to cash in on the Arkham brand as much as possible. As I recall it was a different developer who made them which is probably why Origins was soo unpolished and didnt feel like much of an Arkham game.There was a movie sequel to Origins but thats more billed as an Asylum prequel but its the closest we will ever get to an Origins 2.
+King ofGaming  Really, where did you read that? For me Origins is the best of the three. I wasn't sure at first, but now after playing it for so long and going back to City, city actually feels weak. Sure it still works better technically but it isn't anywhere near as much fun.
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Trevor Haley
Kind of sad to see him go but I think it is for the best. I have been playing the Arkham games since this game came out then got Asylum. Well anyway for the people who are saying that the Joker is alive I doubt he is. Reason #1: People are saying that he licked that medicine and probably got better. But that is not going to help him in anyway at his condition. #2: The Clayface Joker was already defeated. Reason being you can see he has no bones and then the real joker appeared and died. #3 The police probably took his body and then was cremated (comics). #4 Harley Quinns revenge takes place a while after the Jokers death and would know something about him being alive at least. #5: If Arkham Knight did have the Joker in it, then it would be a surprising shocker (good and bad depending if you want him or not) and would probably ruin one of the best endings to a game of all time and would be a big middle finger to Arkham City. And to top it off, we have had the Joker in every Arkham game and people don't want as much Joker and focus on a new character (Scarecrows the main villain this time).
Paulino Garcia
Great game plagued with hopelessly retarded fans.
Carlos Contreras
Because the fans think that the joker is the only quintessential villain, and because they're not mature enough to accept the death of a popular character. Not everything has a happy ending.
Leonardo Caelum
+bruce wayne i thought he was still alive lol , until i saw the confirmation in Batman: Arkham Knight
Man, if the folks at DC could only make a movie with a plot THIS well written. Awesome storyline, such a surprise ending. Oh, and of course "Only You" 6:15
wait, so...what about the citizens infected with thst disease?
Neos Haynes
Noooooooo hes dead by his own ownness who will take his place???? I will
"own ownness." 
The Fiddler
sorry i forgot.. could someone tell me why joker is sick? is this the side effect of the titan from part 1? or something else? 
Ali Foye
Overdosed on the Titan formula
Yes it's a side effect of the Titan
Billy Peterson
Sorry guys but Joker isn't dead and here's why I believe that. For the first 48 seconds of the video you'll notice the cure is in Batman's LEFT hand, right up to the moment of the explosion. Then after Batman comes to, 0:54 of the vid, he wakes up with the cure in his RIGHT hand. Seems safe to assume, and it's only an assumption, that at this point Joker drank some of the cure while Bats was unconcious, and added water to bring the level back to half. Guess we'll see if Joker reveals himself somewhere down the road...
Dr. Dark knight
Aayush Dubey haha
Aayush Dubey
+Billy Peterson Sorry Billy but hate to break it to you...he does die. lol. Check Arkham Knight and you'll know.
Kevin Burkhard
Joker: Quick the Cure! What are you waiting for? Comeon! I killed your girlfriend, poisoned Gotham and hell it's not even breakfast , but so what we all know you'll save me. Batman: Every decision you've ever made ends with death and misery. People die. I stop you. You'll just break out and do it again. Joker: Consider it a running gag! *Joker stabs batman After dropping the cure. Joker: Are you HAPPY NOW?! Batman: You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done, I would have saved you. Joker: Laughs.... That actually is...pretty funny.
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