Offensive Lineman -- Went Full retard





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Published on Dec 4, 2009


Mental retardation is a generalized disorder, characterized by significantly impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors with onset before the age of 18. Once focused almost entirely on cognition, the definition now includes both a component relating to mental functioning and one relating to individuals' functional skills in their environment.

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I am a Puppy
legend has it, is that he's still there today.
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+I am a Puppy I legitimately laughed out loud.
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Lineman.exe has stopped working.
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Carl Bruschnig, Jr
+KamikazeGames   Hit F1 to continue
Priscilla Maxwell
Would you like to send a report?
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DeeJayy Stevie
fcking batteries died on my controller !
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Henry Chaisritha
Lol comment of the year.
+Justin Nielsen You can do the star player and pick your position.
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Jovannie Mediano
It was a Madden Glitch.....happens all the time
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Jovannie Mediano
damn this society needs a sense of humor....i know we live in an oppression but damn try to make fun of it instead of being victimized
Dylan Gage
+catfoodtitans damn it i fell for it
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Jeff Spain
All you people that think he went "full retard" are making assumptions based on very little evidence. Rick Trickett, the offensive line coach, teaches them not to move if someone jumps, but the center will snap it if someone crosses the line of scrimmage early. If that happens, the O-line is supposed to stay in their stance to make it an easy call for the refs. What probably happened was that Sanders thought the snap count was different than it was, and thought someone had jumped. He was doing exactly what he was trained to. He just got the snap count wrong.
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You're as dumb as he is
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Lineman.exe has stopped working
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Yeah, they should at least have a list of your comments and sort them by likes or something cause I didn't realize it.
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Edgar Allen Pwn
Looks like a Madden glitch.
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+Dadez Ramirez I think your thinking of jacksepticeye
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Legends say he is still standing there, even today....
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You bet my nig
I'll fuck your dad
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Adam Buddemeyer
I actually know this guy (Zebrie Sanders) and he told me what happened. His coach told him that when you see that the Defense has lined up offsides to not move because most of the time if you don't move the D-Line won't move even if the ball is snapped. This would basically give your offense a free play so the quarterback could get a clean pocket. He was the only one who saw someone line up offsides and didn't move, because he tried to do what the coach told him but instead he looked like an idiot and made it to c'mon man. If you look again you can see that no one moves at first. Still pretty funny though, I think I would have moved myself
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Country Cruiser
+chinareds54 Its completly pointless, the scenario you are describing isnt common, its probably about as common as being wrong and standing there like a moron on a live play. Even if he did get a holding call it would offset, meaning they would just replay the down. Offense is getting a free shot to throw a deep ball, instead they are letting the defense take a free hit at QB... all so they can secure the 5 yard penalty, which they would have gotten anyway
It's not completely pointless. If he tries to start blocking after such a bad start, there's a good possibility the he'll end up committing an illegal block of some type (block in the back/holding etc), that would wipe off the offside flag.
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Nit Picker
You can bash this guy all you want but at least he'll never commit a false start.
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