ஜPhoenix Feathersஜ- White Mages (FF, MGS, and Tales of Symphonia AMV)





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Published on Jul 8, 2009

This is an amv that I made... yeah...

Let me just start off by saying that this took me a very long time... I don't use sony vegas... so it was hard to do much with the program that I use ... O.o

I know I usually don't make amvs... mostly just videos to go with my covers but I kind of wanted to try it
and I also felt bad because I'd never made anything for Vivi22556 and Mine's collaborate amv group
And then I remembered out of no where the spell in tales of symphonia called "phoenix feathers" ... I actually couldn't remember what it did O.o ... but the name
reminded me of pheonix downs... and then I thought about white mages and how they are sort of like the phoenix feathers... (ok... I am having trouble forming sentences today, just bear with me) anyway, this video is a tribute to white mages ^.^
Yuna, Garnet, Eiko, Penelo, Raine (from Tales of Symphonia,not ff8), Rinoa, Collette, Aerith, Naomi, Sunny

umm... ok, so I know that Rinoa, Collete, Aerith, and Penelo are not really white mages... the game
never says they are at least (well Aerith is questionable)
and I know that Naomi and Sunny from MGS are DEFINATELY NOT white mages lol... but I thought that they were all sort of like white mages in a way.
I always used Rinoa as a white mage when I played the game... she just seems white mage-y... if you ignore the whole sorceress thing... you know what, she's a white mage to me, okay? lol (I don't really have a logical explanation for this O.o... but whatever)
Collete seems like she would be the white mage if Raine wasn't... She has wings and she casts very white-magely spells... even if Raine is the actual white mage
Penelo's quickenings made me think of white mages... I mean, she was dancing O.o ... yep... and I always used her as a white mage... like her license board thing was full of white magic
Aerith's limit break is "healing wind"... 'nuff said
If MGS4 were a Final Fantasy game, Naomi and Sunny would defo be white mages ^.^ erm... well Naomi is a scientist... so I assume she'd either be a white mage or a black mage... actually, I thought that Otacon would be a white mage too (lol) so that's why I put a clip of both of them in (sneaky, sneaky) and Sunny would be kind of like the Eiko character xD

erm... yeah.. there aren't that many game-declared white mages from FFVII onward other than Yuna, Eiko and Garnet... so I had to be creative ^_^ (well I guess Aerith kinda is a white mage... but she also attacks too... I mean, you could have cloud be the white mage if you give him the recover materia... erm.. when I played I actually had vincent as the white mage for a while, so there you go)

I was thinking of possibly doing another sort of tribute like this for the theif/ninja/martial arts characters (Rikku, Yuffie, Selphie, Tifa, Zidane, Zell... umm I'm sure there's more... I'm just coming up with these off of the top of my head ...) yeah... and I might do them for other types as well

Anyway, when I was still coming up with the idea i searched to see if there was a song called phoenix feathers, and sure enough there was. And though I'm not really into trance and techno music, I really liked this one. I thought that it sounded a bit like a battle theme, but it also had gentle parts that I thought really suited the white
mage persona

The credits are in the credits
*appologizes in advance for the length of the credits* ... there were a lot of games.... O.o

Comments • 5

i love how mario did white mage she looks so pretty and her clothes are cxiier
wie geil!!!!!! ah super!
thanks ^.^ lolz... I can just picture Barret with yuna's staff I know! .... there should be male healers... that's it! the next time I play ffviii I'm making zell or irvine the healer
thanks ^.^ I'm glad you liked it. yay Penelo actually is a white mage xD ... I felt kinda bad cause there are only like 4 legitimate white mages O.o ... but now there's 5
thanks ^.^
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