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Published on May 1, 2012

EDIT: Holy crap guys, I didn't think this video would turn so popular, but thank you! I'm glad you guys like it so much! :D And I'm sorry if all the flashing's making people dizzy!

I live!

Okay, I'm sure I wasn't that missed [at all] on my editing side, but anyway, I managed to come up with a video! I swear this slump better go away, since I've got a couple of overdue MEP parts...and a number of nearly due parts...among other projects as some people will remind me.

Anyway! Uhm, I've seen soooo much dislike for the new season, and I'll be the one with the unpopular opinion here of: I actually like the new season? Yeaah, the only thing I'm not happy with is that SuperMartian broke up D: Anyway! I decided to make a kind of positive video on the new season? And this song came up, so I thought, why not!

So, Robin, musing on his older self! And wow, he turned into a very good Nightwing! XD Some of the words didn't really fit [singing would get me this far, groupies, magazines] so I made do and took some creative liberties.

I'm planning...planning being the key word here, to eventually make the whole song with the entire team, but we'll see how it works out. So you could call this a WIP [yep, another one] I'm not entirely satisfied with the beginning beats, see, I tried to use the displacement, but I think it blurred the heck out of it.

I had wanted to make a video with an overview to the other season, but it seemed that everyone and their mother had done so, I didn't want to add to the madness :P

Now, for some messages! This'll probably take a while.

First, the repository's turning one year old! WOOOOO, the 6th of May will be the official date, and I had thought about planning something, but I'm not the fastest editor to make something...and even if I did, I don't have an event! So that goes down the drain, but I thought I should mention it here! Weeee!

Next up, is holy cow, 275 subscribers???? Thank you to everyone! I'm sure it's more for the repository rather than me, but I'm still amazed and in awe...pretty much how I feel about the number of followers I have on tumblr O_O [800!!! Wow yeah]

Which leads to my next point! On tumblr, I've gotten people to send in ideas for potential videos, so if you're stuck for inspiration, or what have you, just go here: http://yjfanvids.tumblr.com/tagged/AM... and there'll be a good number of ideas waiting for you!

Uhhhm, what else...oh! Haha, so, guess what, another contest, down the drain, ladies and gents! But some of us at YJCrew have thought up of a couple of ideas, but I'd LOVE it if the rest could give me ideas! I'm always up for them, and trust me, I don't bite, so please, just let me know and we'll consider it!

Now, I'm hoping to use the summer holiday to catch up and finish everything. And I mean everything. Old prizes [I still haven't finished the June prizes from VotM! Am I slow, or am I slow?] fics and whatnot. Of course, I also need to find a job blah blah blah.

Also, I'll be going on vacation soon for aaah, a week and a half? So, I'm wondering, does anyone want to take over the repository for a little while? I've got someone already that kindly volunteered for tumblr, but I think that, considering how much this repository's grown, I don't think I'll be able to come back and handle all the videos D: There are around 6 or 7 videos per day now :P

So, I'm looking for kind and generous souls that would like to do this! Uhm, I won't consider everyone, since I'll be entrusting you with usernames and passwords and all that fun stuff. But just comment or send me a PM!

Lastly! I missed a looooot of videos last year, and I'll soon be looking for volunteers to help me look through the 239 editors in this repository [obviously you wouldn't look through ALL of them, it'd be divided into groups] so yeah! Volunteers! Please let me know!

Okay, if I keep on blabbing I'll break youtube, and no one wants that, so that's all from me, thanks for watching, I don't own squat, so don't sue. I'm also sorry to the people in the UK and Ireland that can't see this. I also have no idea why the recommended videos are so random, hmm.

Show: Young Justice! And YJ: Invasion!
Song: When I grow up cover by Mayday Parade

Constructive criticism is always welcome!



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