WALMART preppers beware !!!





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Published on Mar 9, 2012

beware of the always low prices claim of Walmart. i have inside knowlage of Walmart and im sharing that with you now.

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paul rogers
please don't make another video until you change your irritating wiper blades
Walmart has wiper blades and Rain-X there squeaky...you might want to stock-up for the coming "apoco-lips"!
Chad Touchet
You complain about Walmart having low prices, HOW IS THAT BAD????? Do you not shop there ??? You are complaining that Walmart plays hardball to keep prices low.... WELCOME TO A FREE MARKET SOCIETY...
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Sal ty
sorry I get wound up sometimes and forget we all want the same thing.
Chad Touchet
LOL, hey, just keep on living.... Whatever makes you happy...
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Gun Slinger
It's odd that you made this video back in 2012, here it is 2015...with the Walmart closings and being turned into "reception and processing centers" of some kind, it was proven that Walmart has ties to the Dept. of Homeland Security...and now we have this shit with Jade Helm 15. Looks like you were absolutely right. Shit is about to get VERY bad for everyone in the whole damn country...wait and see...some SERIOUS shit is going down.
Leone Montana
"Walmart is the Borg." Funny but unfortunately true.
This is all old news but important news. I haven't shipped at Wal-Mart in almost 5 years
I haven't *shopped there either
Brian D
Disgruntled winning ex employee. 
Brian D
The anti-walmart hysteria just amazes me, "no mister retailer don't give a good fair price, rip me off like most of the other retailers". "Walmart pushes out all the other businesses in an area", FALSE. I personally saw how the new walmart in the area where I lived actually revitalized the business community. People routinely drove a few miles away for most of their shopping. Once we got a new walmart people started staying more local. Before, you were already at the bigger city getting groceries etc. might as well swing by home depot for the nails and bolts you need. Once we started shopping more at the new walmart, might as well get those nails and bolts at the local hardware store, (A business that was saved buy walmart moving into the community). Yes walmart pushes it's suppliers for the best possible pricing, and the suppliers line up and beg for opportunity. As to quality; if you are a professional chef, you might not be buying your super deluxe heavy duty mixer at Walmart. But, if you use a mixer twice a year to mix your box of cake batter, get the $9 unit at WallyWorld. 
Andrew Noles
If mom & pop stores could compete with WM's prices, I'd go to those places in a heart beat. However, since the price of everything has risen, while pay rates have stayed stagnant, I shop where I can get the best pricing.
Sean Rolyat
Disgruntled former employee.
Renae Winchester
i believe this 110% I buy my groceries at Kroger and they are union American company that has been around since the early 1920's i think walmart can go to hell!! a lot o other American companies, mc donalds for example all these American fast food places got successful here but they refuse to pay americans a decent wage  and to do right by our nation and to help American people live decently and actually contribute to the health of our economy
Debra Cole
krogers here in michigan does not pay squat. 
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