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Published on Dec 15, 2011

"Here of course." Kevin replied smling gently, Demi rested her head on his shoulder.
"I love you guys so much." Demi said softly, she cuddled close and sighed.

"Mr. Lovato we would like to take you downtown so we can talk to you about your sister-in-law Riley Michales." Officer Dubbs stated, he had caught Mr. Lovato getting ready to leave for work.
"What about her?" He demanded leaning against his car door.
"Your sister-in-law was murdered and we would like to ask you some questions, your wife and daughter Ashley are being picked up as we speak for questioning.
"what? you think we had something to do with this?" he asked raising his eyebrows it was hard for Officer Dubbs not to roll his eyes.
"Look we can either do this the hard way or the easy way." he announced, Mr. Lovato sighed and nodded in resignation.
"Fine, but where is my other daughter Demi?" he asked curiously, Officer Dubbs got into the police car and they headed to the station.
"She's with the Jonas'. Demi's the one who found Riley dead." He explained, Mr. Lovato winced know how hard that must have been for Demi to see.

"Ashley, Mrs. Lovato?" Officer Danes announced approaching the two who are at a dinner party with the rest of Ashley's cast.
"Can I help you?" Ashley asked curiously, everyone stopped what they were doing to listen in.
"We would like to take the both of you downtown so that we can ask you some questions." he replied, she looked at her mom curiously raising her eyebrows.
"Sure, whats this about?" Diane asked curiously as they stood up.
"I regret to inform you that your sister Riley has been murmered." Officer Danes replied softly, Diane's eyes widened in surprise.
"Lets go mom." Ashley murmered, she didn't want to cause a scene.
"Where's Demi?" Diane asked softly, they headed out to the patrol car and he opened the doors for them.
"She's with the Jonas', its been a hard day for her she is the one who disovered Riley's body.' he explained, Diane turned pale and Ashley sighed.

"Hey Demi, how you doing?" Denise asked smiling gently, Demi was trying to eat some lunch that JOe had made her.
"Alright I guess, I'm just hoping that my family didn't have anything to do with her death." Demi murmered, Denise nodded hoping with all her heart that Demi was right.
"How's your lunch?" Joe asked walking into the kitchen, Demi quickly ate some of the pasta and grinned at him.
"Its really good.' She said softly, Denise grinned to herself and lef tthe room, Joe had never cooked for anyone but the family before.
"Wonderful." Joe smiled gently, he settled down next to her and took her hand gently.

"So why are we being questioned?" Diane asked curiously, the family had all been seperated once they had arrived at the station.
"Well, your husbands fingerprints were found at the scene near Riley's body however, the prints on the murder weapon were not his. We were hoping you would allow us to take your prints so we could rule you out as a suspect.." he explained, she just stared at him.
'That is ridiculous, why would any of us want to kill her?" she demanded.
'If your sister was out of the way Demi would be back under your guardianship and her earnings from her career would be in your control until her 21st birthday." Officer Danes explained.
"Fine, I have nothing to hide." She announced, he sighed in relief and they took her prints putting a rush on the prints.

"So if my prints are not on the weapon then why am I hear?" mr. Lovato demanded leaning back in his seat.
"Because your prints were found around Riley's body and on her body." Officer Dubbs replied, sighing he leaned forward slightly. "We know that you were there, but what we want to know is if your protecting someoen or if you arrived after the event happened.'

"If you ask for a laywer without giving us your prints that means you are hiding something." officer Kits announced, she was talking to Ashley who before even mentioning anything asked for a laywer.
"I refuse to say anything without my lawyer present." Ashley announced stubbornly, the officer sighed and left the room calling Ashley's laywer.
"So how did it go?" Officer Dubbs asked curiously, he was not pleased with how his interview with Mr. Lovato had gone because he refused to say anything more.
"She asked for a laywer, before i even asked her any questions." Officer Kits replied, just then officer Danes walked up quickly holding a thin vanilla folder.
"These are the results from Diane's prints I didn't look at them I thought you would like to see first." he announced, Officer Dubbs smiled slightly and quickly opened it looking it over, he sighed.
"We need to get Ashley's fingerprints, Diane's clear. Her prints weren't found anywhere in the house." He announced, just then Ashley's laywer walked up.
"We would like to talk.' THe man announced, officer Dubbs nodded and they headed into the small room shutting the door.
"So talk.' he ordered.
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